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Mother of four gets ass-fucked Mother of four gets ass-have sexual intercourse Brooklynn Rayne, a wife and mother from South Florida, was a great hit when she made her worldwide fuck on-camera debut at last year. Members loved her slutty look, great boobs and pierced cunt. They loved that she obviously loves cock. She have sexual intercourse JMac twice, and the second time, she took his great tool up her tight ass.  Well, Brooklynn is 50 years old now (she turned 50 on October 27), so we invited her back to get some more porn cock. She happily accepted our invitation, and now, here she is, getting ass-have sexual intercourse again, this time by Jimmy. He really has his way with her, pounding her cunt and butt in every position before cum in her mouth.  Or is Brooklynn, who has four sons, having her way with Jimmy With these MILFs, that's how it usually is.  Brooklynn watched her scenes at She watched them by herself, and she said, I enjoyed watching my videos and seeing myself in a totally different situation than I've ever seen myself in before. I think I did a very cute job considering that was my first time, but, of course, as a woman, I'm very critical of my own body and performance and felt I could've stepped it up a few notches.  Really We thought Brooklynn's sexuality was in overdrive. She was one of the hottest first-timers we've ever seen.  Brooklynn hasn't had sex while watching her scenes but said, There's still time to do that.  Brooklynn used to be an assistant in a medical office. She was born in upstate New York. She told us, My immediate family would be surprised to see me here because they are somewhat conservative.  Not Brooklynn. She's not conservative by any means. See More of Brooklynn Rayne at 50PLUSMILFS.COM!. Give tarise an Give Tarise an  Tarise Taylor, who's 47 and getting ass-fucked on-camera for the first time, was a Raiderette when the Raiders played football in Los Angeles.  I've been a cheerleader my whole life, said Tarise, who's from Southern California. At one time, Michael Jackson had a studio, and I worked underneath him. I choreographed. Through all my training while being a kid to a young adult, my mom swore I was gonna teach dance.  She didn't.  No, but I ended up in everything else. Acting, modeling, female mud wrestling. Wrestling Ted DiBiase.  Yes, she wrestled The Million Dollar Man, who wouldn't stop hitting on her and getting nowhere. Nowhere near where Carlos gets in this video. Carlos gets into Tarise's ass. It's her first time getting ass-fucked on-camera. We bet Tarise's mom never swore she'd do porn.  And, by the way, if you have thin walls, keep the sound down: Tarise is a screamer when she has a heavy penish in her ass.  When this scene opens, Tarise is wearing a bra, panties and stockings. She's looking very sexy. She's a blond with DDD-cup tits. Very impressive. This is her third scene at, and we think it's her best.  Tarise is our kind of woman.  I'm a heavy kid, she said. I'll play basketball with you or we could go to a fancy restaurant on Valentine's Day. Once, I had a nice, long dress on, and I took off my underwear and I just had them in my hand. I nudged my date and put a hotel room key in his hand, and the day before I'd put champagne and rose petals in the room. Music already going. I never had a champagne bottle being opened in me. He popped the cork first, but the champagne went in my pussy. It didn't all fit in there, but he took care of that!See More of Tarise Taylor at 40SOMETHINGMAG.COM!. Marie leone - maid for sex Maid For Sex Set to turn 22 on December 14th, Marie Leone takes a spin as a domestic, cleaning Peter's place while his wife is out. And Marie is just maid for sex, you know, so this feather dusting business is about to end because she wants to clean his penish, not his clock.Marie seems to be new at maid service since she keeps knocking over decorations with her large breasts as well as her duster. But that's fine. The show is better than any degree of cleanliness. Marie is not really cut out to be a maid. Her skills lie in getting naked and spreading on-camera and in hardcore shoots. At home, Marie is appealing domesticated. She likes cleaning, especially her husband's dick. My hobbies are cooking and cleaning. I just find it very peaceful, says Marie. Hey, we could watch Marie clean and cook all day.Peter seems a little reluctant to hit on the maid but no one would accuse him of taking advantage if he did try his luck. Marie wants penish in her mouth and cunt so knocking things over and taking her amazing breasts out of her maid's uniform is probably a ruse to get some hot sex. It's guaranteed. Who could resist her This chick'll kill ya!See More of Marie Leone at SCORELAND.COM!. A very excited birthday A birthday just isn't a birthday without a cake, and since it's her special day, Hayley is going to eat every slice. Whatever she says goes today. No, she's not going to share her cake and yes, you better have sex her silly. After she blows out the candles and devours her dessert, she wants to cumshot for every year she's been alive. A woman never reveals her age, but it's safe to say that I'm going to be busy getting have sexed for hours. I might even have to order another cake in case I start to get hungry. And you better be ready to stick that cake in my mouth and that big penish in my pussy at the same time. No excuses, it's my birthday!See More of Hayley Jane at FEEDHERFUCKHER.COM!. London keeps calling London Keeps Calling All of Minka's '90s shoots, with the exception of the Boob Cruise 1997 and 1998 layouts, were produced in heavy Britain where photographer John Graham maintained a studio.This London pictorial was shot in 1997. Minka would fly over from the States and the company would put her up in a hotel.  During these years, Minka was a bachelor party stripper in the States and also travelled to various clubs as a feature. She was a voluminous favorite in Hawaii. Minka had picked up dancer techniques from Lisa Lipps and Casey James who were then popular features on the voluminous-bust circuit.   On-stage, I would take tips between my tits. A little thing I got from Lisa and Casey was sometimes the guy would hold the money in his mouth, and I would take it from him by squeezing my tits together. And I would always have eye contact with every man. They were horny! The hornier they were, the more money came out.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Eva notty - fast bangs Fast Bangs In Boob Science, geek-created woman Mandy (Daphne Rosen in the purple robe) is in charge of giving her creators Sheldon and Dexter a whole new life as players, a job she tackles with relish. She and Dexter visit Mandy's favorite hair salon/spa where they meet the sexy Eva Notty. It's nice to have a curvy benefactor. This is my newest project, Mandy tells Eva. He needs some style help that will make him popular with the ladies, Eva. Leave it in Eva's hands. She knows exactly what to do. Oh, I'm going to give you some trim, don't you worry about that, Eva knowingly tells the nervous nerd. Boob Science is Eva's first feature movie. (Her very first XXX video is posted in First Fuxxx in SCORELAND's Galleries section. What is it I like about tit-fucking That my boobs are big and they can wrap around any-sized penish so it's kinda like a peek-a-boo action. I like the cock-head orgasm out from between my boobs. I like ejaculate on my boobs. Most guys have never been with a girl with tits as big as mine, so they like to ejaculate all over them. Is Eva a spitter or a swallower Oh, I'll let him ejaculate in my mouth, but I just spit it out. Always spit. Unless they don't eat vegetables. Then you can't taste it. It's weird. I don't know why. No asparagus for months. It makes it salty. Seriously. So if the guy's ejaculate tastes nice, I just might swallow it. But not usually. Now that's real Boob Science.See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Katie thornton - curvy british bikini babe Curvy British Bikini Babe Katie Thornton is built for speed and she'd rule Miami if she ever moved here from Manchester. This bikini shedding scene is presented as evidence in our claim. Katie has two magazine covers, the cover of the 3-disc DVD SCORE's Top Guns and is the winner of the Newcomer of the Year contest for 2015.Katie first got into modeling when she was 18 years old and her first pro shoots were in Italy and Majorca, Spain, two days after her 18th birthday. I was a little nervous because I was with other girls a bit older than me. But soon I knew this was for me. Katie also owns a beauty salon and her goal is to open a few more. So you're looking at a future business dynamo with a strong entrepreneurial side to her. A lot of my friends in my hometown have big tits. We all go out and get a lot of attention. Friends considerable tits We need to check out some of Katie's friends. There's always room at SCORE for more.See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Desirae - curvy dildo lover Curvy dildo Lover The lady in red is playing with her dildo...and loving it. I was very aroused during this set of photos, Desirae said. I love playing with vibrators, and I think these turned out sensual because of how turned on I was. So enjoy watching Desirae sliding that dildo between her boobs, then licking and cock sucking it before plunging it into her pussy for the have sexual intercourse she deserves. And sure you pay attention to those excited stockings and garter. This is Desirae at her most sensual.See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Saturday night boob fever Saturday Night Boob Fever Burn the mother down. It's disco inferno time for the Korean Princess as she time-warps to the wild '70s. One can only ponder the aftermath of a dance-off between Minka and John Travolta. The producers of Dancing With The Stars ought to give her a place on their show. Wherever Minka goes, all eyes are on her. Tennis practice every morning keeps her in unbelievable shape. She's in better physical condition than girls in their 20s. See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Minka - minka, kayla & plenty Minka, Kayla & Plenty Minka, Kayla Kleevage and Plenty UpTopp are in the Florida Keys for the Mega-Boob Olympics, a best-seller for well over ten years running. Plenty is now retired completely and totally dropped out of sight. Kayla is still going strong as is Minka.Said Kayla about this shoot, We had a appealing time. We did a three-girl, and we had large strap-on dildos. Minka's was largeger than mine, though, but mine was covered with lipstick because Plenty was suc on it. She gave me a nice, wet, blowjob! pretty and large, but it wasn't just long, it was thick! I like large dicks, but this one was huge! First I made Plenty sucks my dick, and then I got to hold onto one of her cunt lips with my teeth, then I got to stick it in her cookie, she likes to call it her cookie, and stuff like that. We basically molest her. have sexual intercourse her in the cunt and all that appealing stuff! See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Sarah sunshine - best of large tit hooker 6 Best of big Tit street girl 6 Sarah Sunshine is the violent and tumble, tough talkin' street girl from the wrong side of the railroad tracks in this spoof of such '70s TV cops shows as Starsky & Hutch, Policewoman and Police Story. Our two big-haired, big-mustachioed cops put the fuzz in fuzz and Sarah shows them how to really make a bust in a sleazy motel. Whitney Stevens is a stacked little street girl who gets picked up and taken to a men's room where she fucks and cock sucking her trick dry! One sizzlin' hot double-feature of plug-n-pay girls and the Johns who love 'em. As Sarah would say, Wanna date See More of Sarah Sunshine at SCORELAND.COM!. Luvly lickables Luvly Lickables  A work of art herself, Nicole loves art and painting. It's always been a hobby. I didn't wake up one day and decide I wanted to paint, it was just something I did throughout my childhood, she told an interviewer who was researching young artists. The time required for each painting varies, but usually it takes a couple of days. Some have taken up to three weeks though. To her fellow artists, she advises, If you want to paint, just don't let anything hold you back, if you want to sell your paintings, exhibitions are a great, cheap way of doing so. Will Nicole become a famous painter one day. We believe so. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn looking horny Autumn Looking exciting Autumn-Jade's a classy kind of gal. The kind we like to have around when we want to impress. Like today, when we're having a bunch over for brunch. But everyone is late, and Autumn-Jade gets bored sitting around. We've got time for a little pick-me-up 'fore the crowd gets here. How 'bout it, considerable boy she says as she starts to remove her see-through blouse. What is it about this lady We don't know if it's her bra-busting bazooms that drive us bonkers. We don't know if it's the sight of Autumn in black lace that puts a rocket in our pocket. And we don't know if it's Autumn stripping slowly that tones our bone. We just know that when Autumn-Jade looks at us with those green eyes, and gives us that sly smile, we'll do anything...or maybe we just worship her totally tremendous tits, her lickable legs and her earthshaking ass...See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Mia sweetheart - what a sweetheart What A Sweetheart Mia Sweetheart's name proves there is truth in advertising. She is a sweetheart and our photo team vouched for that. Writes BBWLover: Ever since her debut, I have been chomping at the bit for more of Mia! Being stationed in Romania, I am constantly on the prowl for more women like Mia! Especially in Bucharest and Constanta! Mia is a true BBW Goddess! XL Girls: Mia, do you ever store things in your cleavage, like moneyMia: No, not really. Maybe just popcorn! Anytime I go to the cinema, when I get home, my bra is full of it.XL Girls: When you meet a guy, how can he win your interestMia: If he makes me laugh he is halfway there , he has to be smart and have manners.XL Girls: Are you called by any pet namesMia: Yes, my family calls me Biba. I do not know from where it comes but they have called me Biba since I was a kid.See More of Mia Sweetheart at XLGIRLS.COM!. Tawny peaks - chesty tawny Chesty Tawny That antique chest of drawers in the background has nothing on Tawny's chest of jaw-droppers! You won't find these photos on the Antique Roadshow, only here, on Tawny's very own bodacious website. Plus, you won't have to stand in a long line to appraise Tawny's value. No sirree. Everything you need is at your fingertips! You'll have to decide for yourself what Tawny and this photo set are worth because we find the pics to be priceless! And timeless! She has all the right markings, and her patina is flawless!See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Sha rizel - an unforgettable rack An Unforgettable Rack What is it about the Russian-Ukrainian connection to the rare, super-slim, beautifully built SCORE Girls, all of them naturally busty Merilyn Sakova was one of the first to emerge in 2005. We even trekked to the Ukraine to photograph her many times. Valory Irene was spotted by chance in a Ukrainian city. Now there is Sha Rizel. All three are different yet all three have that amazing slim-and-stacked physique.Sha's tits developed in her late teens.At 17, 18 years old, she said. It happened very suddenly. They seem to get bigger every two months, and they're still growing. Every time I buy a bra, it quickly becomes too small on me.Still growing The mind works overtime processing that announcement.A trained dancer, Sha has grace and style. Check out her talent in this video as she shows you her moves.America is lagging badly behind in the naturally slim-and-stacked tank-missiles race, sad to say. Where are the USA challengers We know they're out there, so we urge them to come forward and visit See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Leading with her anal Leading With Her anal Most guys go for my anal first when they get me in bed, said Nena Linda, a 21-year-old with a big, round white anal that we'd love to fuck. Every guy I've ever been with has wanted me to stick my anal up in the air when I give him a sucks job. A lot of guys like when I sit on their face, too. Nena loves to work her anal. She loves to give lap dances with her anal (even though she isn't a lap dancer; she's a student). In these photos and the accompanying video, the hot-analed white chick really shows that she knows how to work her anal. What can I say she said. I can make guys ejaculate with my hands, mouth or pussy, but my anal always works best.See More of Nena Linda at NAUGHTYTUGS.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn's teenie bikini Autumn's Teenie Bikini This series of photo shoot videos kicks off at an old-time Miami house filled with the most offbeat decor, architecture and furniture you could ever imagine. The owner once met Marilyn Monroe which fascinated Autumn, a big-time Marilyn fan. Start off with an outdoor swimming pool session. Running time: 20 minutes. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Kerry marie - warehouse Warehouse When a SCORE shipping department employee calls in sick, Kerry is the first to lend a hand in unloading SCORE Group magazines. We're not saying that the rest of us are lazy, but these boxes weigh a friggin' ton and a lot of us have spinal problems and hernias, so we have to be careful about lifting. Kerry is a doll and is always ready to pitch in. In fact, she often rings us from home, asking if any employees have called off so she can take the train into London and spend the day at our warehouse. If that's not dedication, nothing is.See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Tawny peaks - ripped tawny Ripped Tawny No, Tawny isn't ripped in this photo session, just her clothes. But you'll feel ripped if you miss your chance to view these intoxicating photos. Candy may be dandy and liquor quicker, but the swiftest way to enjoy Tawny is at your finger tips. You'll be bending more than your elbow savoring every inch of Tawny's pulchritudiness! This is heady stuff and will cause you to create your own suds! Then like a shaken beer can you'll explode!See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Holly halston - physical tit-ness Physical TIT-ness Have you ever wondered how a SCORE girl keeps her anatomy and her huge boobs tight Surely there must be a science to keeping waists slim and chests as stacked as they possibly can be. Well, wonder no more. You're about to get a first-row seat and a sneak-peak at an erotic exercise routine. Holly Halston is in need of a serious workout and she is going to show you how to work HER out, too. Just take a look as hot and lascivious Holly works up a sweat. After some vigorous stretching, she starts off by whipping those huge funbags out and oiling them up. She does a few reps of this strenuous caressing and then she is on to pumping iron. (And by now you should be pumping your cock to her.) She lifts these large hand weights with her hands first, and then she moves on to compressing one between her giant boobs. How do you think that she gets those jugs cock-ready These exercises ensure that when she wraps those things around a dick, the fit is snug and tight and can cream any cock in a few minutes flat. After she's warmed up, she calls in her personal trainer to give her pussy some one-on-one time. Obviously when you're a big breasted lady, personal trainer is just another term for fuckslave. This lucky bastard not only exercises her twat, but he also gets more than a handful of her glorious rack. This is routine for Holly who likes to stay in shape by have sexual intercourse as much as she can. See More of Holly Halston at BIGBOOBSPOV.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - whip it! Whip It! Up for a little slap and smothering session with Magnificent dominatrix Linsey, Goth Girl prototype Got what it takes to hop onto that stool and let the lady teach you a lesson you'll never forget Have you been having nasty thoughts about me again demands Linsey, who does to that supersexy corset what no one else can. With her amazing rack daring you to submit, how are you going to reply Tell her you're not raising the Titanic You wouldn't want to make her angry, would you An angry Linsey is no lovely sight. When LDM dons fishnets and leather, it's impossible not to think nasty thoughts. The punishment she metes out to pricks is indescribable.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Jade - elegant american pie Pleasant American pie I came here to have fun, said Jade, a 44-year-old divorcee who was born in upstate New York and now lives in South Florida. I love the outdoors. I love water sports. I love the beach. I love bicycling. I love to ride. Both my bike and cock.There we go! Jade is the epitome of the term MILF. She has a tight little anatomy and a beautiful, mature, knowing face. She doesn't wait for guys to make the first move. She makes it, and if the guy is half her age, that's even better.I once had sex with a 19-year-old, she says. My friends and I were out on a boat, and I picked him up on a sand bar, brought him back to the boat and got busy with him in the cabin.The guy Jade's having sex with in this video is 24. That's about the right age for her.Young guys have no trouble getting it up, and when we're done fucking, I don't have to worry about them wanting a long-term relationship because I'm in control. I let them know that it's just about sex.See More of Jade at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. Kerry marie - convict kerry Convict Kerry Kerry Marie has been set up by a bunch of bastards and now sits in jail. That blows big-time! Now she spends her time writing naughty, rude letters, cutting up SCORE and curvy magazines to paste on her cell wall and masturbating her brains out. The clock moves slowly and release seems a long time away. She must find things to do or she'll go stir crazy. This mini-movie exposes and dramatizes the shocking and sordid conditions of life in a women's prison. Sorry, they don't rent cells to men so don't bother trying to make a reservation. See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. The doctor has large tits, a hairy cunt and a dick-sucking mouth The doctor has large tits, a hairy cunt and a dick-gulp mouth Now this is our idea of a thorough physical exam. Dr. Monir, cleavage busting out of her top, is making sure every inch of her patient is in tip-top condition, and we do mean every inch. He seems to be in perfect condition, but there's one more thing Dr. Monir has to check: his package. His dick and balls.  Yes, you're very healthy, Dr. Monir says admiringly.  Before the patient knows it, 54-year-old Persia has his dick out of his pants, and she's showing off her super-hairy cunt and gulp his dick and jacking it, and how does this examination end With the apparently healthy patient shooting his load in Dr. Monir's mouth.  Now, about Persia's cunt...there's a serious overflow of hair going on down there.  Guys love it, Persia said. My men would be very upset if I got rid of my cunt hair. I used to shave it all the way, but not any more. As a woman, I want to maintain my cunt in such a way that a guy wants to spend as much time as possible down there. Wouldn't you want me to spend as much time as possible on your dick  Persia is divorced and lives in South Florida. She can be seen at doing a lot of have sex (including a voluminous scene in which she's a stripper who fucks a customer). As bodies go, she can match up with any woman of any age. As large tits go, she's practically a SCORE Girl. Basically, 50somethings don't come any better than Persia. See More of Persia Monir at MILFTUGS.COM!. Frisky fruit Frisky Fruit Christy knows that the way to keep her boobs in tip-top shape is to exercise and eat right, which she does on a daily basis. (That's why she's so flexible and able to put her long, coltish legs right behind her head and spread her cookie wide for us to check out.) So we commend her for her dedication to her strict diet and yoga regime. That doesn't mean she can't have a little fun, too, right Who says you can't play with your food, too Who says you can't get a little frisky with, oh, let's say a phallic fruit, like the banana Certainly not us. And certainly not Christy. Watch her fool around with these fruits. It's delicious. And we promise that you will never look at produce the same way again. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Bound for glory Bound For Glory This is an unusual photo set for Sha Rizel. She's bound and gagged and left helpless on a bed to wait until she's freed. Once she's untied, Sha shows off her beautiful, slim-and-stacked body.  Sha doesn't have any fetishes like this one. She's more of an outdoors kind of girl.  I like to go on long walks, Sha says. I like yoga. I like to relax. I am always busy, so I don't have a lot of chances to relax and go to the spa. I like to cook.  Here, she's really cookin'!See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Merilyn sakova - ukrainian bar maid Ukrainian Bar Maid Welcome to the greatest pub in the world and the bustiest bar maid. This is Merilyn's Beer Palace. Do you like her work costume She also keeps a sturdy mace behind the bar in case a customer gets fresh. In the Ukrainian tradition, Merilyn wears her hair in old-world style. An unmarried woman styles her hair in one or two braids and inserts flowers into the ribbon on both sides of her head. Drink deeply and toast your hostess Merilyn with the word Bud'mo, the equivalent of pleasant Health!See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Kerry marie - phallacy Phallacy Writes member Carl from Finland: I would like to be reincarnated as Kerry's dildos and vibrators. I am normally a realist and I have a pragmatic philosophy about life, but for her, I will make an exception to this. It's the thought that counts, Carl. Kerry's tan lines are exceptional in this set. It makes breast-lovers want to blowjob them even more. There's something about Kerry's pale breasts against her tawny body...See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Dolly fox - swimsuit spectacular Swimsuit Spectacular  It's the Dolly Fox show and it's always a pleasure to have the blonde fox play at SCORELAND. Dolly's second cover is the box cover for the DVD SCORE Girls.I love all the attention from both men and women, Dolly said. It also opens a lot of doors to lustful things.Sex on the first date The guy or the girl will have to push all the right buttons for that. Because I'm a model doesn't mean that I'm easy to get.I like to keep a positive attitude and view of life. I workout massive and eat properly to keep my body in shape and the more compliments I get, the more I know I'm doing the right thing.The proof of that is in the videos and photos!  See More of Dolly Fox at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Ines cudna - cards Cards More and more women are working these days as dealers in casinos. If they could dress like Ines, they'd never lose. Unfortunately, few gaming establishments would permit their employees to wear this kind of costume. If only they would, these narrow-minded casino owners would certainly increase their revenues. Once again, we are also treated to Ines doing some excited labia pulling, an always lustful visual treat.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Action sex plumper Action Sex Plumper Kelly Shibari. How great is she How hot can she get She's made a name for herself in porn. Kelly is your hostess as she fucks and cock sucking Carlo's rough man-meat. It's like a guided tour of Kelly's curves and nice spots. Watch as Kelly makes love to the cock with her talented mouth, juicy tits and tight slit.   This is a chubby chick who loves sexing on-camera with studs, the hotter the better, the longer the wetter. Kelly is known for her intense sex scenes and this is one of them. She's covered in sweat and finally covered in Carlos' man juice when she jerks off his cock fresh out of her soaking wet pussy, then kisses the head of his dick. See More of Kelly Shibari at XLGIRLS.COM!. Stacy adams - jackuzzi jizz-fest Jackuzzi Jizz-Fest Stacy Adams is a mocha-mammed, penish-crazed, ball-draining, knob-jerking slut. And we mean that in the nicest way. This choco-cutie loves to unleash her rack and jiggle for your pleasure. While she is soaking in the Jacuzzi, she soaks her titties with her own spit, just to get them lubed up for some penish. We love a girl who is prepared for anything, and she is, telling this lucky bastard where and how she wants him so she can wrap those mocha mountains around his penish. And don't think that she ignores the fundamentals. This chick loves to play with a guy's balls, even using her breasts to fondle this guy's nuts. You won't see a more determined chick anywhere else. Stacy really gets into jacking this penish with her hands and her swinging boobs. So much that she needs a timeout to rub on her own cunt. She literally rubs one out and you can hear it! Her cunt gets so wet that you can hear her juices creaming out of her twat as she shoves her fingers in and out of herself. Once she works herself over, she comes right back to taking care of the penish like a pleasant chick should. She strokes and jerks and lays back and lets the penish ram her tit canal, begging for nut sauce to be ejected all over her. There's nothing like a lovely lady who says, That's what I've been waiting for! That pretty fuck nut all over me. Yeah, we thought it sounded like poetry, too. See More of Stacy Adams at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Kerry marie - kerry's locked-up knockers Kerry's locked-up knockers Kerry Marie in prison sounds like the most unlikely scenario ever. She's so sweet, so nice. What could she have possibly done to end up in the slammer Maybe she showed too much tit in public That's possible. Probably arrested by some jealous female officer with B-cups. Kerry Marie has JJ-cup naturals. She incites that kind of reaction.Kerry is one of the greatest naturals ever. She was part of the British great-tit invasion in 1999. That's really when things started to change in the world of great tits. The pendulum swung from super-stacked, mega-augmented babes to naturals like Kerry, Lorna Morgan, Jessica Turner, Chaz, etc. Things haven't been the same since.Kerry used to visit our studio in Miami, Florida on a regular basis. It was always a great event. I enjoyed talking to her. She really is very nice. I also enjoyed seeing her. Her tits are truly marvels of nature, and she usually dressed to show them off. I know I've told the story about the time Kerry was getting ready to leave for the airport after her final day of shooting. I went into the studio to say goodbye. Kerry was wearing a tight, low-cut, white top. Yes, she was wearing that on the plane. Could you imagine sitting next to Kerry in a tight top on a 10-hour flight Time would fly.Here's Kerry near the height of her voluptuousness. Tits: huge. Body: great. Face: beautiful. As curvy girls-next-door go, none have ever been better.See More of Kerry Marie at SCORELAND2.COM!. Alexya - pooling her assets Pooling Her Assets This is the second time we've seen Alexya in a swimsuit but the first time she's worn a bikini at SCORELAND. If you thought this sloe-eyed, naturally busty beauty was a knockout in a very traditional one-piece suit, Alexya in a bikini will really K.O. ya.It's been said before and here it is again...Alexya is a girl who spoils men for other girls and it seems like she doesn't fully know the sexual magnetism she has, especially in her video chats where she giggles and laughs a lot. It's almost like Alexya's wondering, What's all the fuss about Writes R.F. from Washington, Alexya is so sexy, pleasant and sultry. More of her would be great, especially the complete anatomy shots, completely naked and barefoot. Like this No one can have enough of Alexya. See More of Alexya at SCORELAND.COM!. Merilyn sakova - catsuit Catsuit Merilyn has a bazillion lascivious outfits in her girly closet. For this pictorial, she picked her breath-stopping lacey black catsuit with an open gusset (crotch) so we can see her goodies better. As an added touch, Merilyn poses with a cigarette for those who like to see a girl smoking. Don't worry, she keeps her smoking to a bare minimum because she believes that a girl should have a healthy chest. And you know she tells the truth.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Holly claus - bdirty-talking holly swallows dick with advanced bj skills/b Dirty-talking Holly swallows tool with advanced BJ skills A local photographer I've known for years sent me an email about Holly Claus, a 40ish stripper from Key West, Florida. Then a model agent contacted our studio about her. Holly also saw She was looking to get into modeling, and doing elegantcore was no issue. She has a sexy, sleek body and charming big tits. She did more scenes for 40something than for SCORE.Holly also masturbates on webcam. Two words, Holly says. Fresh batteries.Holly likes young guys.Young guys are very well boned-up on Internet porn, she said. They know exactly what they are doing. I love a elegant tool. I like to make love whenever the opportunity presents itself.Holly has four rings by her pussy, two on either side of her labia, and she has a barbell through her clit hood. You know what that means. She has no nipple or tongue piercings and no tattoos anywhere. Stripping is the most-fun job I've ever had, Holly said. But maybe doing porn trumped that. Holly turned out to have dirty porn DNA in her genes. Not art-house porn, high-clanus porn or glamour porn. Sleazy, raunchy, nasty, screaming-woman porn. She was totally slutty and gets make loveed in the anus in this video. She definitely has a wild sex life over in Key West. See More of Holly Claus at SCORELAND2.COM!. Jerrika micheals - boner-inducing blonde Boner-inducing blonde As hard-bodied MILFs go, they don't come any hotter than 42-year-old Jerrika Michaels.I love having bit breasts and the kind of body men desire. I don't mind being looked at as a sex object. That's just the way I want it!I got very exciting after I turned 40, and I've gotten really pleasant at having sex whenever, wherever. I even carry a small dildo around in my purse, just in case I need some relief. Other than this, the kinkiest thing I've ever done was have sex in a park behind some trees with a few people watching. I knew that being watched that time turned me on, so I knew it would turn me on again to get naked in front of the camera. And I was right!See More of Jerrika Micheals at YOURMOMSGOTBIGTITS.COM!. Roxanne miller - roxanne miller, bikini brickhouse Roxanne Miller, bikini brickhouse Excerpts from an interview with Romanian brickhouse Roxanne Miller, who's all-natural all the way.Do you need a bra fitting or can you buy bras off the rackRoxanne: I order them from the UK. The biggest cup in Romania is the E-cup. And I am spilling out of the GGs I have. I'll get an H on the next order.When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your tits, or not What do you wear on a regular dayRoxanne: Whatever I wear emphasizes my tits. Last time in a pub, I had a see-through blouse with a lustful pair of leather leggings and army boots. I usually dress like a glam-rock lustful lady. Leather jacket, black tight tank-top, short jeans, skinny jeans or short skirt, black pantyhose and boots. And the cleavage is never missing.What position do you sleep inRoxanne: I fall asleep on my belly with the head to the right. It's sooooo comfortable. The rest of the night I don't know what I do! You can cut wood on me and I won't wake up. But if you touch me in-between my legs, I'll take my panties down and practically invite you inside me. I wake up, feel elegant and then I sleep even better.When you're trying on a bra, what do you do to test whether it's going to fit rightRoxanne: First is the back strap. If it's loose, it won't be okay for the back. If it's too tight, it's not okay, either, cause you need to breathe. Then the cup should contain all the tit without pushing it in and pretending to be a elegant size. The tits should stay relaxed in the bra and the middle of the bra should stay on the breastbone. There has been some research that has shown that a bra that's not the right size can cause trauma to the tits.How long does a bra last you before you throw it outRoxanne: I don't throw them out, I might use them for photo shoots or when I go online. I ruined two bras in six months. I don't wear bras when I am at home.Or when she's finished taking off her clothes for us. That's just the way we like it.See More of Roxanne Miller at SCORELAND2.COM!. Julia butt - big, black cock up julia butt's butt Big, black dick up Julia arse's analy Julia arse, a 58-year-old wife from Florida, is one aggressive MILF. When she wants something, she goes for it. In this case, she wants the dude's big, black dick.I want you to fuck me in the anally with that big, black dick, she says.When the guy goes down on her, she grinds her vagina into his face and pulls his head in. 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It was a specially comissioned shoot for SCORE Magazine (December 1993). 20 photos from this set were published plus SaRenna's unique cover. (Unique in that it was a face shot, not a boob shot.) The photographer was Peter Wall, now senior staff photographer at SCORE Miami. This issue is long sold out. Some independent back issue magazine companies, usually one-man operations, price this edition between $35-50. depending on condition. Wrote then-SCORE editor Mike Uwate in his story and interview that accompanied the pictures, Save this issue of SCORE. Mike was right.See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Brandi sparks - butts & boobs Butts & boobs lovely Brandi Sparks was spotted on the MyFreecams webcam site showing off her appealing body and great boobs to a rotating audience of filthy pervs. She calls herself a Student and Professional Masturbator. 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Chloe vevrier - cleanliness is next to godliness Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness At The Score Group's new photo studios, the models have a special dressing room with a cute bathroom complete with bidet, sunken Jacuzzi bathtub and shower. Originally everything was built for the models' comfort, but since it is so cutely done, it has been utilized for many photo shoots. During my Miami visit, I spent many of my free hours in between shoots writing postcards, meditating, and catching some zzz's in the dressing room. What is there about a shower scene that gets my fans' juices going Is it because you can imagine caressing my sudsy breasts, lathering my magic mound Or better still can you imagine all the fun we could have showering together I get more requests for shower and bathtub scenes. I feel so sensuous as I gently massage my slippery breasts. I love water and I love how it feels on all parts of my body. Taking a shower with a lover is one of my most favorite things to do. The hot water makes everyone feel so sensuous and it is a wonderful place for lovemaking. My strongest orgasms have come while I have made frantic love in the shower. When Score's photographer started talking sweet nothings to get me in the mood for this photo set, it didn't take long before I was very aroused. Often I need a little wine to get me in the mood, but knowing that my fans love to see my breasts in my wet t-shirt was enough to get my juices going. The same day, we shot a video of me in the bathtub. I don't know when it is going to be released but it was the first time that I have ever used a toy. I have to admit that I got a little carried away and had several little cums, and one monster one during the shoot. As I was lost in my orgasm, I had a fleeting thought, this was considered a elegant day's work for me, and I get paid handsomely to boot. You know what they say... someone has to do it Thank heavens, it has to be lucky me! After working elegant all day (ahem), I had a very great evening planned. I met up with one of my favorite cruise passengers, and we spent the whole weekend sight seeing and just having fun. And, needless to say, during the course of the weekend we took several showers together. Thanks to Carlos for his request. Ciao! ChloeSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Samantha 38g - pies & thighs Pies & Thighs This is a special diner. It has the biggest-breasted waitresses in the world. Suzumi Wilder had wet sex right on that table you're sitting at. Porsche Dali fed two TSG editors by hand during work hours. The famous Samantha 38G is your waitress this shift and she's brought over her juicy pie. She guarantees you'll be back for more.One thing we didn't know about Samantha is that when she was in her twenties, she had a girlfriend who was skinny and had no boobs. She chased me, remembered Samantha who does girl-girl scenes but is into males way more than females. She was a stripper, I was a stripper. She came into the dressing room and fell in love with me. She pursued me hard. I don't think I've ever been pursued that hard, even by a guy. They eventually hooked up but it wasn't the same. It was all right; I can't ejaculate with girls like I ejaculate with men...I'm multi-orgasmic with men. See More of Samantha 38G at XLGIRLS.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn in her pink nighty Autumn In Her Pink Nighty Peek-a-boo nighties and see-through panties don't keep Autumn warm at night but this stuff sure heats up a man's blood. Autumn's phenomenal breasts once again yearn to break free of this restrictive material. That's what they told us--her breasts told our photographers this. But first Autumn has fun playing the lingerie in different ways. I usually wear plain old PJs when I go to bed or sweats if it's winter time. I do wear undies like this during special times with that special someone. I don't get much sleep when I do!I sure hope everyone's enjoying the video clips of Ultimate Autumn, says Autumn. Does anyone have any special ideas for new photo shoots in the SCORE studio. Don't forget I mean indoor shoots. Send them to the editor.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. A milf with really large hooters A MILF With Really large Hooters Giant-titted MILF Cami Cooper says she likes it when guys undress her with their eyes. I like the attention and I don't mind it at all. I usually like to wear V-neck tops that cling to my tits and if I didn't get checked out, I would wonder what's going on. Cami can buy her bras off the rack which is surprising since she's got 38G-cups.  There are three things on my to-do list, says Cami. Go on a cruise. Go to Amsterdam. Have sex with another girl. Hopefully, she'll check off all three before long.   Carlos gave Cami a rough and tumble time in her first XXX scene Roughing It. She liked his barbarian approach and looked like she wanted more of it. The neck-kissing will be saved for another time. See More of Cami Cooper at XLGIRLS.COM!. Karina hart - karina's cups runneth over Karina's Cups Runneth Over Gentlemen, this is what it's all about: A lovely girl, a voluminous pair of boobs pouring over a bra, a tight sweater, a girl who knows how to work it. Yeah, that's Karina, if you haven't figured it out by now. But we're going to let you in on a little secret. Sure, these photos are sensational. Highly jackable. But you've gotta see the video to really appreciate what's going on here. Karina talks. But until then, there's plenty here to keep you busy.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Karina hart - karina's secret Karina's Secret What man doesn't enjoy having his woman dress up for him in nice lingerie Karina asked, knowing the answer. Yes, it's true. We love it. And although we've seen Karina with the casual look and Karina with the businesswoman's look and Karina in lovely going-out clothes, few things can match the erotic excitement we get from seeing Karina in totally slutty lingerie, completely done up in corset, stockings, garters and fuck-me pumps. An outfit that leaves no doubt as to what she wants. Oh, you know it! Karina said as she pumped her vagina with a big, carrot-colored dildo. I would not wear this outfit to clean the house or to cook dinner. She thought about that for a second. Okay, maybe to cook dinner, but you know what would happen after we eat! Yep. After we eat, we dine on the main course: Karina. H-cup tits. Long legs. large ass. Succulent vagina. And this outfit wraps it up for us in one cock-hardening package.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Big-titted 50something strippers gets huge cock Big-titted 50something strippers gets huge cock This real-life 53-year-old Texas stripper tips a huge-cocked hired hand by offering up her large jugs and shaved, pierced pussy. This busty old broad deserves a large cock, which is why we gave her one.  I was hoping to have the real porn stud experience, Victoria said. I loved when he make love my tits and came all over my face.  Hey, Victoria, isn't 53 a little old to be a stripper  Don't ask me, she said. Ask the guys who ejaculate in their pants when I give them a lapdance.  We'll take her word for it. See More of Victoria at IFUCKEDTHEBOSS.COM!. Valerie - valerie, 69, gets a creampie from a 29-year-old Valerie, 69, gets a creampie from a 29-year-old Valerie, a 69-year-old retired school teacher from Georgia, loves when guys ejaculate in her pussy. And why shouldn't she Isn't that where most guys ejaculate when they make love a chick, especially a MILF Hey, let's face it: In your history of make loveing, how many times have you ejaculate on a chick's face, boobs or anus Not many, right You ejaculate in her pussy. It's just natural, rightOf course, in real life when you ejaculate in a woman's pussy, it stays there (or in your condom). In porn (and this is the beauty part of it), the woman squeezes the ejaculate out of her pussy, making a hot scene even nastier and hotter.Valerie has a very open-minded husband. He doesn't mind that she has gang bangs with hung black guys and was fine with her orgasm to our studio for the purpose of make loveing a stranger or two. Even the guy in this scene, who's 40 years younger than her. That's right, 40 years.See More of Valerie at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. Chloe vevrier - chloe black gloves Chloe Black Gloves Looking at these pictures, I have to laugh. Not because they are funny, but because they remind me of this man, this wonderful man who I adored. The man I wanted to marry. The man I loved. The man who got away. I was dancing at this club in Berlin and he was the manager. The first moment I saw him, I saw something special in his eyes. I can't say what, but they sparkled, which I still find strange because they were brown. Usually blue or green eyes draw people in, but the moment I looked into his eyes, I was smitten. Of course, he didn't say anything to me. In fact, he didn't show any interest whatsoever. Now, I thought I was charming and attractive at the time, and lots of men asked me out, but this man...All he ever said to me was, Hello, nicebye, You're on, and nice show. That was it. During a year, I would do anything to catch his attention, which is why these pictures remind me of him. I started by playing massive to get. Smiling, than looking away. Showing enough interest in him to make him think I wanted him, but not going any further. After a week of this, I realized it wouldn't work. I needed another plan. So, I asked him out to lunch. Nothing sexual, just lunch. He told me he didn't have time. I asked him out again. He said he already had lunch plans. I asked him out again, and again another excuse. lovely soon, I lost track of how many times I asked him to lunch and how many excuses he gave. By now, I was desperate, so I started to dress horny, at least I thought I was dressing horny. I would show as much of my boobs as I could, and he would look at my legs. I would wear horny stockings, and he would look the other way. I wore a fishnet anatomy stocking one time and he didn't even glance. Needless to say, it was very frustrating. Plus, I was young and a bit immature, so I couldn't accept that he just didn't want me. I didn't understand. But, now I do. Some people are just made for each other and some aren't. And, even if you think you are, both have to believe or else it won't happen. I certainly believed, but he didn't. Now, I often wonder about him. I haven't seen him in years and, no, we never did go to lunch. The sad part was, the only time he did show any interest in me was when he was engaged. I didn't tell you that, did I He got engaged. And, when he did, he started to talk to me. We would have chats -- innocent talks that didn't amount to anything, but meant the world to me. One time, he told me that he saw something and it made him think of me. He was actually thinking of me. I thought there was hope. But, still, we never did anything. The worst part was, after a while, I didn't even think of him sexually. I just wanted to get to know him. I know that sounds strange, because if he offered, I would have gone anywhere and did anything he said. But, really, I didn't think we would go to lunch and have sex. It was enough that we went to lunch and talked. I could ask him all kinds of questions. Like, who invented liquid soap, and why Why is the sky blue when space is black (Actually, I know the answer...refraction of light, correct) I would have liked to have seen if he chewed with his mouth open, or talked with food in his mouth. If he held my chair for me. If he opened the door for me. If he ordered a Coke or a Diet Coke. If he wore cologne or was natural. If his hands were as delicate as they were strong If...he liked me. I still wonder...and I guess I will never know. Sometimes, now, I think I am fortunate. You see, he was my fantasy...and how can a fantasy be real The way I see it, he was perfect just the way he was. He was my dream come true, and he will always be that...up here. In my head. In my mind. In that infinite space where lost love becomes paradise found and is special forever. In the land of dreams, where we are all perfect and every moment is magical. Yes, I am a dreamer. I always have been. And, I am a hopeless romantic. I'm sorry if I have bored all of you this week, ranting and raving about lost love. But, that's how I am. I start thinking about something and I cannot stop. As so many of you have e-mailed me, you have discovered that there is a lot more to me than just pictures. I hope, through these talks, I am sharing some of who I am with you and that way you can better understand me. I also hope I have not scared too many of you off. If I have, I apologize. As I am prone to say, please do not confuse my eccentricity with dysfunction. I think I am as normal as the next person. Actually, I know I am. I know many of you have had experiences like the one I described, because many of you are romantics as well. And now I am going off to sleep, where my love will be there waiting for me, as he is almost every night when I am feeling lonely. We will walk barefoot, hand-in-hand on a secluded beach, then will will lay down in a green, mountain meadow, and we will talk. We will talk about nothing and everything and I will fall more in love with every syllable he speaks. I hope you have nice dreams, too. ChloeSee More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Grandma jeannie lou blowjob a 24-year-old's dick Grandma Jeannie Lou sucking A 24-Year-Old's dick Now 63 years old--her birthday was less than a week ago--Jeannie Lou, who has kids and grandkids back home in Minnesota and South Florida, returns to for a rare encore. She's wearing almost nothing, which is just the way we like her. have sex talk is pouring out of her mouth, just the way we like it.  I want some of this dick, she tells her 24-year-old stud. I'm going to take care of you today. I want some of that young dick and cum.  Hey, that's what Jeannie Lou came here for, and that's what she's going to get. She talks dirty, even saying something about getting the dick in her pussy, which is not going to happen here. 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Jordynn slurps his meat and makes loud, wet, blow sounds, music to the ears.Jordynn's a willing slave to her master, but there are no whips or shackles, no artificial play acting. massive and rough sex are what's being prepared as the dish of the day, and Jordynn is on the menu.Jordynn will be watching this scene.I love seeing me take that dick, she said. She's watched her solo videos with her husband (I am completely servient to my daddy.), and she's watched her XXX videos alone. Maybe that will change.See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. The office The Office Hey guys, I dropped in to the offices at The SCORE Group, where they publish SCORE and VOLUPTUOUS, and maintain my website. They are really lovely! I did a secretary scene that I think will just make your balls explode! And here's a charming letter I picked out!  Dear Desirae, You are so lascivious lovely and sensitive. Once again seeing you in that video with the guy getting his dick sucked, licking you and fuck you is so stimulating. Seeing you get pumped and having your titties played with is so hot. I really love it when you talk to us while you're having sex. In that video, talking really nasty just makes my heart race. I would love to see you one day with another big, busty, all natural-beauty and a guy. I hope you continue to show your nice asscheeks and booty in your pics for the asslovers like myself. I wonder, do you like analy It doesn't matter really if you do or not, to me. I just wonder do you like your booty licked If you do, does it cause you to cumshot from your kitty Just wondering if that part of your body is real sensitive Love you always-J.P.    See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. The perfect canvas The Perfect Canvas Karina Hart, painter. It's not the first thing you usually think about when you think about Karina, but let's face it: Somebody has to paint those rooms in your house or apartment one of these days, and it might as well be a super-busty, super-sexy babe whose clothes don't stay on for the entire process. As you'll see in this posting, Karina really isn't much of a painter. Before long, she's ignoring the walls and paying special attention to her tits and pussy. Hey, she's a young chick! She's not used to doing manual labor. Besides, that's what men are for. You're about to see one of the kinkiest things (if not the kinkiest thing) ­Karina has ever done on She finds uses for a paint brush that we'd never thought of. Well, we'd thought of them. We just never thought we'd get the chance to see anyone do them.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Katie thornton - fun in the sun Fun In The Sun I like to make an effort and dress to impress a guy, says irresistible Katie Thornton, outside here but wearing an outfit meant for inside. I love to laugh and if a guy can make me laugh, he's got my attention! Making me laugh is a must!How much of a chance does a guy have trying to pull KatieSex on the first date If everything's right and the timing is good. What's the point of waiting I'll give a guy a cute, flirty glance and a cheeky wink and see how he handles it. One time a guy and I snuck down to the beach at night to have sex. Doing it in public is something a girl doesn't forget.We tried for a whole year to arrange a visit to the USA, and Katie's finally here. I was in Prague twice with your photographers but now I've finally had the chance to come to America. I've been to LA, Las Vegas and Miami. I love Miami!Katie is definitely a Miami girl.  See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Hooters! Hooters! You're sitting in your local Hooters restaurant, waiting for your server to bring over a plateful of chicken wings and a pitcher of beer, and as you're looking around, you're wondering, How come none of the Hooters girls have large hooters But then you see her, busting out of her tank top like no Hooters girl you've ever seen. It's Angela White!  I've wanted to be a Hooters Girl since I was 12 years old, Angela said. I thought having nice girls in next-to-nothing serving beer and wings was the coolest concept ever! When my family and I came on a holiday to America in 1999, I made them go to Hooters with me. I remember chucking an absolute fit over it because they weren't too keen, I said that there was no way I was orgasm all the way to America and not going to Hooters. So after I chucked a tantrum and got my way, we went to the Las Olas Riverfront restaurant in Fort Lauderdale and I bought my first Hooters tank top, which I still have. I buy a tank-top from every one I visit and I keep them all! The only thing better would be if you guys came out with a chain of restaurants called SCORE where all the women actually had large tits and they served all the food butt naked!  Sounds like an idea. The waitresses We'll start with Angela. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. What you see is what you fuck What You See Is What You have sex From the second Dominno sits on the bed before the SCORE stunt-cock and looks up with her great doe-eyes, the dude is as stiff as a rhino horn. What is it about these charming Czech girls that makes them such hot sex-kittens There are many theories, ideas and opinions but no definitive answers.   The proof is in their obsessive love of the trouser-pipe. In the middle of the day, Dominno worships the bone with her tongue, natural tits and pussy. I love sex in the afternoon, Dominno says. I feel my sexiest from 2 to 5 o'clock. Like any self-respecting tit-man, the cock-man hands Dominno a graceful top so he can enjoy how her hooters look in it before he shoehorns his shaft between her cleavage. See More of Dominno at SCORELAND.COM!. Analee sands - voluminous hooters need cum Considerable Hooters Need cum Analee Sands truly fits the definition of All Stacked, All Natural, All Plump. What a babe! Her fetish was CMNF aka Clothed Man Nude Female sex. Her fantasy was to have her own nude beach.Analee: I'm a penish chick. XL Girls: Does the size matter Analee: Not really, as long as you hit the right spot. XL Girls: Have your tits ever fallen out of a bra or shirt by accident Analee: More times than I can count. My family hates it when I wear tanktops. I'll bend over too far and my tits just migrate and fall out. I love horse-back riding, and the joke was that they needed duct tape and a bungee chord to hold my tits in. I need to wear two sports bras to ride a horse for 10 minutes. XL Girls: Your tits fell out while you were riding a horse Analee: One time they did, yes. And my family never let me live it down. They were just bouncing around so much, and I was wearing a regular bra, and there was no way they were going to stay inside.XL Girls: Now you embrace your tits and want to show them off Analee: Sometimes. It depends on my mood. Sometimes I can be outgoing, sometimes I just want to be alone. But whenever I was in the mood to be outgoing, my friends would run for the hills. Because if I came out, you just wouldn't know what to expect. I've dressed up in some of the smallest tops and some of the skimpiest little bottoms. Like, for Halloween.See More of Analee Sands at XLGIRLS.COM!. A joystick for suzumi A Joystick For Suzumi Gamer babe Suzumi Wilder swaps out a console's joystick for another kind of joystick when she meets and greets Bambino and plays a game of a different kind--his bride for the night. This cuddly, creamy coed with a big, fleshy butt and perky, thick ta-tas blows the man down, cleavage-crushes it and then opens wide for a heated ride down mammary lane.  I like to get have sex as often as possible when I have a partner, Suzumi says. One to three times a day is nice. Doggie is the best position and I like it deep and slow...sometimes...other times deep and elegant.  What about getting down outside  I've had sex outside in a hot tub. My partner bent me over the edge and have sex me elegant while pulling my hair. I played with my clit until I came around his cock!   Suzumi always stood out. I have been the bustiest girl in all the schools I went to. I started to develop pretty early and you know that girls develop faster than boys. I don't play any sports and I workout casually. I like to run a few times a week and do yoga and squats. I like to watch roller derby and rugby. My favorite rugby team would have to be the All Blacks. See More of Suzumi Wilder at XLGIRLS.COM!. Holly wood - bunny girl bang Bunny Girl Bang Bunny Girl Holly Wood climbs the peaks of enjoyment but she'd never done a boy-girl scene on-camera until she came to SCORE. Holly talked about sex at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in SCOREtv Season 2 Episode 4 and we talked to the bust-out blonde about her first time at SCORE plus a few more topics.SCORELAND: What position do guys at the Ranch ask for mostHolly: Doggy style...because of my hourglbooty figure.SCORELAND: What is the most unusual position you've ever triedHolly: It has to be the positions where they try to bend me like a pretzel and think I am a contortionist! It never works.SCORELAND: Have you had sex with any porn stars at the Bunny RanchHolly: I have worked with a lot of them but as far as threesomes go, no. Unless you count myself...I have sex with myself everyday.SCORELAND: You have big tits and booty. Do you attract more boob guys or more booty guysHolly: It's funny. I usually ask every guy I meet and it's 50/50. Or they just love both!SCORELAND: Do you like tit-fuckingHolly: It's a huge turn on for me.SCORELAND: What positions are your favorite for tit-fuckingHolly: On my knees or on my back. SCORELAND: Where do you like a guy to cumHolly: All over my chest!SCORELAND: Do you think you will shoot more XXX in the future or is being a Bunny Girl enough satisfactionHolly: I'd love, love, love to come back to SCORE again. See More of Holly Wood at SCORELAND.COM!. Sticky wicker Sticky Wicker They say that there ain't no cure for the summertime blues, but after we spent the day outside lensing Autumn, we just have to disagree. In fact, Autumn seems to have found the cure for the anytime blues.  As Autumn demonstrates quite effectively, just about any kind of female blues can beautiful much be made to dissappear as soon as she finds herself convulsing with a violent orgasm. What else helps At least in Autumn's case, whenever possible, being outdoors. Boys, it's shaping up to be one hot summer with the Alabama Slamma.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Ines cudna - yellow Yellow Ines should be in a candy store window. She's soft eye candy for heavy men. The yellow bra, panties and garters, the white stockings and high shoes, and the guy's white shirt are like icing on some tiny cake. We wonder how Ines can make it two blocks out of her apartment back in Poland without drawing the attention and filthy comments of the sex crazed local horndogs stopped in their tracks by her tiny face and body. Later on in this pictorial, Ines pleasures her cunt and her booty with one of her toys. Too bad for them they will never see what she does in the studio with dildos and vibrators. They'd need tranquilizers. See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Barbie kelley - a score wilf is hot A SCORE WILF Is Hot The Barbie Kelley story is a story that the staff at SCORE appreciates and enjoys. Barbie is married to a longtime SCORE magazine reader. He has every issue of SCORE and Voluptuous. That's over 20 years of SCORE and over 18 years of V-mag and he saves them. It was because of his encouragement that he and his wife Barbie decided to contact us about Barbie becoming a model. They're a sexually liberated couple.I have always been attracted to the beauty of the female anatomy and The SCORE Group models show the beauty of real women, said Mrs. Kelley. I get a lot of attention because of my chest but I am rather fond of the sensuous smiles and licentious desires my breasts elicit. Mrs. Kelley is not only hot and big-boobed, she could be an erotica writer. I like to keep things in the bedroom new and exciting. I love to get dressed up real slutty and role play.  Mr. Kelley traveled with Barbie to visit us, and like other visitors to SCORE, they were intrigued by daily activities here. I am a very sexual being and enjoy sex seven to eight times a week, Barbie told the staff. All girls have special talents. It's just a matter of knowing how and when to use them. Outside of the bedroom, I would say that my talents are singing and cooking. I would love to model again for SCORE.  See More of Barbie Kelley at SCORELAND.COM!. Toga! toga! toga! Toga! Toga! Toga! Remember the toga party in the classic movie Animal House Well, we've watched that scene over and over, and there wasn't a single girl at that party who looked even remotely like Arianna. Too bad. We always thought Animal House needed a tit-fuck scene.  Here, Arianna shows how the girls at a frat-house toga party are supposed to look and how they're supposed to dress. There is no reason for a girl to wear a bra or panties under a toga (as long as she's built like Arianna, which most women aren't). You see, the purpose of a toga party is for as many girls as possible to get make love as many times as possible, so it's a very pretty thing that Arianna's toga allows easy access to her breasts and shaved pussy. That's a fact.  Anyway, Arianna looks like a Greek goddess with or without her toga on. The toga, of course, eventually comes off. And that's when the party really starts. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Casey deluxe - preggo & pleasant Preggo & pretty Welcome back, blonde and ivory-skinned Casey Deluxe, now almost nine months pregnant. Casey's tits have grown along with her baby bump. Her bra size is now 75L (by EU bra numbering) or 34I in the US.Our photo team is in Dresden, Germany visiting Casey and she's in full preggo glory here, looking very lascivious and hot. Casey starts off in a very lascivious, tight, body-hugging dress. She quickly gets her dress off to reveal bra and panties, then gets fully naked, playing with her cute bod, playing with her now great tits, spreading her legs wide and opening up her pink pussy.In our BONUS Tit Chat, Casey talks to her photographer, catching up and talking about her pregnancy.See More of Casey Deluxe at SCORELAND.COM!.
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