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Tiff bannister - tiff bannister's porn stud tryouts - episode 6 Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts - Episode 6 What's the hardest job in the world asks pro superstud Tony DeSergio in the very begining of this scene, episode six and the finale of Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts. The hardest job in the world can make a man go soft, echoes Tiff Bannister. Travis Reed hops into the SCORE-mobile straight from the airport. It's every college guy's dream to try this, says Travis. When he learned about Tiff's challenge, he told his friends he wanted to give her his best shot. No guts, no glory. All my friends thought it was crazy. Travis is a musician and goes to college in Tallahassee. It's always party time there and lots of girls running around. I think Tiff is a beautiful cool girl. She's chill.Tiff checks out Travis' doctor shots, nude photos that are taken at home and emailed to TSG. She checks out Travis' cock but admits she's not pleasant at estimating size in photos. Tiff's beautiful confident she can throat it. He's got, like, a sad face, Tiff said when she first saw Travis. As a boyfriend, he wouldn't be pleasant. Maybe he'll be pleasant as a porn stud. After Travis checks out the SCORE building, he's invited to be the official lube and wipe boy for JMac and the mature model that the J-Man is banging. It's different live, Travis says in a mix of astonishment and surprise as he watches JMac fuck her from behind. Most guys have no clue what it's like looking at a couple fuck a few feet from them.Will Travis succeed or will he fail to rise to the occasion in the conclusion of Tiff Bannister's Porn Stud Tryouts See More of Tiff Bannister at SCORELAND.COM!. Roxi red - follow the bouncing boobs Follow The Bouncing breasts Roxi Red is probably the bigest V-Girl ever, with her really pleasant face and those enormous breasts, writes A.S. Extremely voluminous breasts often look saggy but Roxi's look firm.Firm indeed. It appears that Roxi's overloaded brassiere is just too small to contain her jumbo whoppers. The company that made that bra did a big job producing straps that don't snap under tremendous pressure. Peter jiggles Roxi's huge jugs by the straps and her hooter holsters don't collapse from structural failure.Cumming on Roxi's breasts is on many breast-lovers' to-do dream list of accomplishments. Even a guy with the worst aim on earth can't miss them. Peter has a boob feast of Roxi's mammoth melons, cock sucking and licking and burying his face inside her cavernous cleavage. She bends over his cock and pops it between her lips for an oral dissertation, then gets her breasts have sexual intercourse in the classic way, on her back and straddled. When this Amazon of a woman is have sexual intercourse, the view of her breasts shaking and bouncing is one of the world's bigest natural wonders. And when Roxi climbs on top of his pole and rides, the camera moves in for a point-of-view angle of her bouncers that's unbelievable. See More of Roxi Red at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Arianna sinn - breast care 101 Breast Care 101 I love rubbing oil and cream into my natural boobs and my butt, Arianna said. It feels so sweet and makes them feel sweet. Don't you guys love watching me do itHey, we'd enjoy watching Arianna watch TV, but, yeah, given the choice, we'd pick Arianna rubbing cream into her sweet parts over watching, say, great Performances on PBS.I know it is very important to make sure my natural boobs feel soft, Arianna said. If they feel soft, men will want to play with them.But how about her analyI have never had anus sex, Arianna said, but I love having a man's hands all over my analy.Arianna's boobs look creamy and suckable in these photos, and her analy looks fuckable. But then, they always do, cream or no cream. But given the choice, we'll take cream with those titties.See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Merilyn sakova - stairway to hooter heaven Stairway To Hooter Heaven You enter the dingy building and begin the climb up the dimly lit staircase. And from nowhere, blocking your path, is the vision. The one. The girl. Merilyn. She is what you seek and she's been waiting for you to arrive. Watch what happens next. See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. April mckenzie - georgia peach pounds your pud Georgia Peach Pounds Your Pud What can we say about April McKenzie For starters, she is a natural, and by that we are referring to her natural tits and her ability to choke a guy's chicken with her violent bosoms. You see, April is a Southern girl, straight out of Georgia. And although she isn't packin' graceful peaches, this Georgia peach was raised to be a sweet, accommodating, soft-spoken belle. What that means is that she is a lady in every sense of the word, but only when she is in public. You see, what we have learned about these demure Southern girls is this: They love to have sexual intercourse and gulp and twerk and jerk dick. It's the whole forbidden desires thing. You tell a chick with large natural tits that she has to be prim and proper and before long, she is looking to get her trim properly pounded. It's science. Check out April rockin' her socks off in this tit-to-dick, pud-pounding performance. She may look like the girl-next-door, but she handles the dick like the call girl down the block. See More of April McKenzie at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Desirae - reflection of beauty Reflection Of Beauty Desirae is more woman than we could hope for. Reflected in a roomful of mirrors in Key Largo, Desirae doubles our pleasure. No, make that triples. Desirae toys with a swelling areola as she contemplates her luxurious lusciousness. I'm getting so libidinous looking at myself looking at myself, she sighs as her juice dribbles down her warm, luscious thighs. Wouldn't you like to fuck me now Damn right! Desirae squeals as she pulls on her nipples and rubs her quivering clit until its raw, red, throbbing ridges need our ejaculate to cool her. She spreads her legs and begs us to fill her up with multiple masses of man glaze. Make me do things you can't tell anybody about, Desirae says. No problem.See More of Desirae at DESIRAESWORLD.COM!. Angelique - teddy bare angelique Teddy Bare Angelique This photo set is the second pictorial that Angelique posed for during her first-ever visit to SCORE's Miami HQ. It was originally web-published on Having Angelique back at SCORE was a major highlight of 2002. When Angelique told SCORE staffers that she had been working as a waitress in Germany, it was a shock to their system. But not as shockingly excited as Angelique in this nightie.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Christy marks - a tale of two sets of titties A Tale of Two Sets of Titties... Talk about the best of both worlds! Christy is going to go rock a penish so she brings along a friend for the ride. And who does that friend turn out to be None other than chocolate-titted wonder, Janet Jade. Watch as Christy and Janet play with each other's large natural tits, oiling up and giggling as they rub and gulp and caress each others mountainous jugs. Then Christy works her natural tits on a large penish and Janet follows suit, helping to milk that penish for all it's worth. Magical things happen when large white natural tits and large black natural tits collide!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Kate marie - nude model & artists at work Nude Model & Artists At Work Kate Marie is the nude model of the day at SCORE's art class and work shop. Here, students try to improve their drawing and sketching skills with the assistance of a real female model with lots of luscious curves. That's a lot more fun than sketching a bowl of fruit.Some students are excellent. Others should not quit their day jobs. All of them are motivated and eager. Who would not be with Kate Marie as their muse Michelangelo would pay the class fee just to sketch this curvy young beauty.After the students leave for the day, Kate is in no hurry to put on her robe and prepare to go home. All that attention and the admiring eyes of the students has warmed her up. So instead of leaving right away, Kate plays with her large natural boobs and sensitive pussy. Finger play makes me very horny, Kate said. Seeing Kate slap one out standing on the stage of the art class is the proof. Too bad the students aren't around to sketch her.See More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND.COM!. Nicole peters - too lustful for her bra Too lusty For Her Bra The Nicole Peters phenomenon attracts new fans from around the world. Emails ask who the girl in the photos is from our twice-weekly BoobMail list. Nicole's name is mentioned on Internet message boards by posters debating her merits, asking if Nicole's better than other models. Other models praise and admire her. Australian V-Mag and SCORE model Angela White adores Nicole and would one day love to pose with her. Through it all, Nicole remains shy and sweet--the beautiful, super-busty girl-next-door. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - let's play doctor Let's Play Doctor Experiencing stiffness and rigidity No worries, mates. Linsey Dawn has the right cure for hardening of the man gland. The doctor is in and the doctor is Linsey. Here's why the British health care system is the best in the world. You know the drill. Cough! Now watch as she opens up and says, Aaaaaahhhhh. With Linsey administering this examination, she can make you this promise: You'll not need a prescription for Viagra or Cialis or any of those new fancy medications. Whatever ails you, if Linsey Dawn can't cure it, she can, at the very least, make you forget about it for a while. We can picture a weekly television show out of this: Dr. McKenzie, Medicine Woman.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Danniella levy - cheerleader Cheerleader Danniella Levy brings cheer. She's more than welcome to wave her considerable pom-poms around and cheer on team SCORE. What a dirty mouth! Most cheerleaders don't talk like Danniella does. Gimme an F! Gimme a U! Gimme a C! Gimme a K! What does that spell Danniella is a mover and a shaker. I can shake my pom-poms with the best of them. My tush I shake it a lot. I do a hundred squats in the morning. They're a charming way to break in new shoes. I have a charming, strong pair of thighs to ride a man.Danniella's keeping her vagina under wraps for now. She's a appealing little flower, I can guarantee, so use your imagination. She's just appealing. You have to use your imagination. She's pink, she's appealing, she's tight, and I love it. She's shaven as well. We do vajazzling in Essex. Vajazzling is a appealing, gorgeous little piece of jewelry girls put on the top of their noonie.Every football team could use a cheerleader like Daniella to spur them on even if the TV stations wound up bleeping the audio. See More of Danniella Levy at SCORELAND.COM!.
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Kelly christiansen - boob talk & pussy baitin' Boob talk & cunt baitin' Kelly Christiansen wasn't a voluminous find. Because we didn't find her. The friendly blonde bombshell contacted us. Her husband is a large SCORE fan, and he encouraged her to apply. His own SCORE Girl at home decided to try it and was a hit from day one. She not only posed naked and spread, she did XXX with pro porn guys. Her hubby was fine with that and enjoyed it. Before SCORE, she had never done anything remotely like this. No stripping or lap dancing, no nude modeling (except for the at-home stuff) and no swinging.Wearing lingerie and stripper heels, SCORE Model of the Year winner Kelly chats about posing and hardcore scenes. Later on, she plays with her brickhouse body. A voluminous wife, Kelly once did a threesome with her husband and another girl and said she wouldn't mind watching him with another girl. I don't know if that ever happened.Kelly talks a lot in this video and has a exciting voice, and that's always a huge plus. This scene is also the video version of a live peepshow. Dave not only gets to chat Kelly up, he tells her to get into different hot positions as if he was at a peepshow that didn't have a glass shield and he didn't need tokens.Live peepshows are mostly a thing of the past now. If you've never been to one, such as the peepshow chambers at the infamous Show World in Times Square, they feature a naked or scantily clad girl behind glass who you tell what to do. As long as you keep feeding the machine tokens, the shutter doesn't come down to cover the glass and end your session with the girl. The webcams have replaced the live peepshows, and that makes me sad. What happened to the romanceHindsight is 20/20, but I wish we had filmed Kelly in more solos and hardcore. Every now and then, I drop her an email to find out if she wants to come back.See More of Kelly Christiansen at SCORELAND2.COM!. Claudia - lap dance in your face Lap Dance In Your Face You could fry an egg on those hot tits. Claudia does a P.O.V. lap dance in this upgraded video. She sticks her large jugs and her shaved vagina in your face amongst other things. She came our way from a photographer we know in Arizona where he found Claudia in a strip club giving guys boners. When we want a charming jack, one of the videos we play is Claudia's video. No need to worry about any club managers bothering you when Claudia plops her tits in your lap, either. Like a charming little lapper, Claudia's eyes expertly scan the room, on the alert for nosey bouncers. This video clocks in at 21 minutes, which in real lap dance time would cost approximately $140. US. or 96 British Pound Sterling. We know these things. This is a video that many of you will cherish, for at least two or maybe even three days, until you find someone else you like better. Claudia, the boys at SCORE salute you and thank God you take all major credit cards. See More of Claudia at SCORELAND.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - linsey and susie wilden Linsey and Susie Wilden This extremely excited 24 minute lez scene starring Linsey and Susie Wilden is part of the USA video Bosom Buddies #5 and, in the United Kingdom only, busty anal Lovers. Considering the size of Susie's tits, a team-up was essential. In London, dildo capital of Europe, Linsey and Susie take each other on with a variety of kooky sex gizmos that give new meaning to the term plug-n-play. Linsey fills her ass while Susie plugs LDM's pussy. Wow! Linsey gives it to Susie right in the tush.They each insert a double-donger in their lubed pussies and grind away on their backs to cum hard. But it's not just toys. The huge-boob action is also sensational, with a breast-creaming scene to kick off the party. Of all of Linsey's girl-girl breast fests, this is the hottest session of them all. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Leanne crow - leanne crow interview Leanne Crow Interview Leanne talks to the SCORE Studio manager about her interests, hobbies, her background, what she likes to wear, where she likes to go for fun and what her plans are for the future. Candid videos of Leanne are interspersed throughout the chat. The candids include: Leanne in St. Maarten playing with other SCORE models in the DVD Leanne's Stacked Summer; chilling out at the pool; licking an ice cream cone; wrestling (and beating) the male performer who have sex Angela White in Angela White Finally Fucks and more. Leanne is a very strong girl so be warned. She would be a formidable opponent in the ring! See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Kate marie - between her tits Between Her tits Kate Marie was about to make a special video for you on her laptop. Now that you're here with her, she'll do what she was planning to shoot. Prepare to fall in love...again! The approachable, good girl-next-door has a flawless body, large natural boobs and a kissable booty.No bra is better than a bad bra, says Kate from Chicago. Her boobs weigh 12 pounds. There's no pressure on my shoulders. There's no hang from the straps. You can see the divots on my shoulder from the weight. It pulls, and the strap in the back pulls up. The surest sign that a girl is wearing the wrong bra is strap marks in her shoulders. Even a well-fitted bra still does leave marks because of how large my boobs are. It's unavoidable unless I wear a corset.She is so hot, and reminds me a bit of super large tit legend Lorna Morgan, says SCORELAND member Roberto.See More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND.COM!. Harmony white - 40g-cup babysitter likes married men 40G-cup Babysitter Likes Married Men libidinous Harmony White isn't dressing like a girl looking for babysitting work. That's because the chesty cam babe is more interested in make love the dads. Harmony's 40G-cups nestled in a low-cut pink top breastnotize Tony as he attempts to interview Harmony in the living room. Before long, Harmony is on her knees on the couch, sucking and tit-massaging Tony's boner. Obviously, father knows breasts. They get on their sides and he spreads Harmony's cunt for a hot beef injection.XL Girls: Harmony, has shooting your first scenes (at SCORELAND) changed you at all Harmony: Yes. I'm a little bit more open. I'm still good shy, believe it or not!XL Girls: Do you watch adult videos at home What kind do you likeHarmony: I do but I only watch lesbian videos. All sorts of fetish lesbian. I recently got into watching lesbian fisting videos.XL Girls: What kind of foreplay do you likeHarmony: Sucking, licking and spanking, soft at first. XL Girls: Do you have a favorite tit-make love positionHarmony: I'm good happy with any angle we can get it to work.See More of Harmony White at XLGIRLS.COM!. Terry nova - cellar dwellers Cellar Dwellers Terry Nova carefully makes her way down the brick stairs of an ancient wine cellar and turns the corner when she hears a noise. She spies on Carlos taking wine bottles off a shelf and wrapping them in a sheet. He turns to leave and walks right into Terry. She likes what she sees and hits on him right then and there. Carlos will play it cool and pound Terry against the bricks so she'll forget anything she might have seen. It's quiet in this dark catacomb. Terry drops to her knees and lowers her dress to allow her world-famous breasts to dangle. She give suck his penish and licks his scrotum, eager for a woody to ride. They make love against the brick wall, Carlos slamming her from behind. The pounding from behind continues as Terry kneels on the steps of the wine cellar. A big, curvy girl, Terry sits on his penish and bounces vigorously, holding and squeezing her heavy, fleshy breasts. Hanging around dank cellars can sometimes be productive.See More of Terry Nova at SCORELAND.COM!. Jazmine - tight fit Tight Fit After Jazmine worked over Johnny's with a drooling blowjob job, he was able to fit his meat-axe into her beautiful pink hole. It was a tight, tight fit, to be sure. Jazmine's a slender, beautiful girl with great tits and she likes great dicks. Her lascivious lips stretched around his cock and filled her throat. Let's be honest, this is better than anything playing on cable or at your local multiplex. Jazmine is from New York and lives in Florida where she can walk around in swimsuits. Jazmine told us her special talent. I'm inviting at driving a stick shift, she said. We can see that in this video. Her stick handling is professional level. Jazmine likes being screwed doggie-style and sitting on top. She likes her analy slapped and her hair pulled. She's made to have a inviting time on the mattress. See More of Jazmine at SCORELAND.COM!. Eva notty - natural tits 'n' tugs Natural tits 'N' Tugs The long, cool, beautiful brunette is here to stroke, tit-fuck and suc your baloney stick in Point-of-View, the only way to lens a natural tits & Tugs because it sucs you in and there's no man-face in the way. Here we have natural tits, Tugs & Tongue. There's also some beautiful face-fucking action with Eva on her back getting her throat filled. We've talked a lot about tit-fucking with Eva. Tit-fucking can happen in foreplay, Eva says. So... say the guy is up here playing with my breasts and puts his cock between my tits, that's great. The most amount of time that you can spend before actually getting to my cunt is the best because it's really, really, really getting hot and bothered and then the orgasm is better. See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - afterschool special Afterschool Special Hi guys,Well, I am back after a little break last week that came quite unexpectedly. One of my friends who I grew up with called me to tell me that she was getting engaged! I was so exciting for her. We've known each other forever -- since we were little girls. We even went to the same school, and I have to admit, we were often naughty girls together. Well, we weren't naughty together that way, if you know what I mean, but we did manage to get into all sorts of mischief together.We used to sneak our party clothes into our schoolbags, and go off to classes in our little uniforms, but we were really thinking about cutting out of classes early and catching a bus to Piccadilly Circus* or wherever we had plans for. You know how school girls are, we always had somewhere to go!I think that I got invited to a lot of parties -- more than most of the girls I knew -- because the guys always assumed that I was older. Or at least old enough! I mean, I've always been so well-developed that guys naturally thought that I was at least 20, even when I was much younger. It got me and my friends into quite a lot of places that we never would have gotten into otherwise. Talk about the advantages of having size 36F (what I had back then) breasts! Think about it, they were great enough way back then to get the guys to invite me anywhere, imagine how much busier things got when they went to G, then H, and all the way up to where they are now.If my tits get any greatger, I'll never have the time to go to all the places I'll get invited to! Looking back, I guess we did dress slutty when we went out!! I mean, we went out wearing tight shirts -- mine a lot tighter than most, the high heels, all sorts of lipstick and make-up, and, of course, the tightest, shortest skirts we had. I remember one night going out wearing a skirt I'd outgrown two years earlier. It was so short that I couldn't raise my arms up to wave to my mates or my whole anus would be showing! Oh, well, the things you do when you're young...So, how did we spend the weekend celebrating her engagement How else We dressed up in slutty, afterschool outfits and pretended we were sex-crazed 16 year olds, of course. And you know what The short skirt still fits!Take care,Love,Linsey*An entertainment and shopping area in London's West End.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Angela white - angela's bedtime toys Angela's bedtime toys SCORELAND: Do you watch any sportsAngela: I love watching soccer and boxing.SCORELAND: What do you want to try in life that you haven't done yetAngela: I really want to go skydiving. The thrill would excite me.SCORELAND: What would be your dream carAngela: A baby pink 1959 Cadillac Convertible or a black Ford Crown Victoria LX.SCORELAND: What is the worst thing a man can say to a womanAngela: I have intercourse your best friend.V-Mag: What sexually satisfies you the bestSCORELAND: The more you turn me on before the sex, the better the sex is. I like to be teased till the point of explosion and then have it rammed into me. In these photos, Angela uses a dildo to show how she likes it rammed into her. Has any teen girl ever been handier with a have sexual intercourse toySee More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Veronica rayne - two girls, one penish Two Girls, One penish When you think about chicks with tits, and we mean really nice, round, bulbous, jiggly, more-than-a-handful type of tits, what would you consider the best scenario that could go down Perhaps being seduced by a boobalicious babe in a private setting where she jacks you with her rack until you bust a steamy load on her jugs Well, although that sounds nice, we think that when it comes to chicks with busts that could kill, we prefer our fantasy to involve TWO chicks attacking our penish out in the open, so every envious motherfucker within the vicinity could look on in a jealous rage at our lucky predicament. But hey, that kind of gregarious display of chicks-on-dick action might not be your style. But even if you are the shy, one-woman-for-my-penish type, we think that if excited chicks Whitney and Veronica decided to give you a frantic tug job on the balcony of your apartment, you might just give in. Imagine these two nasty nymphos all over each other and your dick being the meat in their busty lezzie sandwich. Yeah, we thought you'd be into it. And don't worry, we won't tell anyone you caved.  See More of Veronica Rayne at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Alexis silver - busty slut brothel Curvy slut Brothel  Welcome to Madame G's House of natural tits, a happy, little brothel where the chicks are curvy and have intercourse heartily. When you come to the House of natural tits, you get the best tits in the land, man. Madame G's a pimp with an eye for tit talent and she runs a tight ship. When one of her girls tries to get into the boob lineup by stuffing her bra, Madame G shuts her down by ripping her falsies out and sends her packing. So, when our John (who is apparently a baller of epic proportions and can spend lots o' bucks on curvy have intercourses) comes to the House of natural tits with five grand to gulp on a beautiful roll in the hay, the only girl who will suffice is the cream of the crop, Alexis Silver. Alexis does her thing, giving him quite the masturbation show, giving him a glimpse at the beautifuls he has just leased. Then she gives him a beautiful gulping and tit-have intercourseing right before she mounts him for the ride of his life. In the end, it's a big moment in purchasing history. Cab ride to Madame G's: $18Purchasing of a curvy hooker: $5000Blowing your load all over a pair of perfect, huge tits: Priceless. See More of Alexis Silver at BIGTITHOOKER.COM!. Arianna sinn - this secretary takes dildo breaks This Secretary Takes dildo Breaks Although this isn't the video version of the Arianna secretary photo set that was posted this week, it is based on the same idea: Arianna is the huge-busted secretary of your dreams, sitting at her desk in a tight, low-cut top that her G-cup naturals are just pouring out of. We love her glasses, which give her kind of a nerdy look and contrast lovelyly with her tits. We also love the upskirt views that the videographer was lovely enough to give us.This is the best job I've ever found, Arianna tells us. We're not sure what her job description includes, although she does say, I have all I need to make my boss happy. Obviously, she's referring to her tits, and obviously, her boss is a boob man, otherwise why would he have hired her. Hey, Arianna's smart, but there are plenty of smaller-busted, less-distracting secretaries out there.Of course, none of them tit-fucked themselves at their desks and fucked their shaved pussies with red dildos when they could be doing something more productive, like take cigarette or coffee breaks. So maybe that's it: Arianna was hired because she takes her breaks at her desk. See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Karina hart - she's just a girl She's just a girl I love to flirt with the camera, said Karina, who speaks fluent English, Czech and Slovakian. When I look at the camera, I am seeing all the men who are looking at my pictures. There is a 3D element even to Karina's still photos, as her fabulous body and vivacious personality seem to burst across and through the barriers of time and space, as if she is right there, close enough to touch... almost. Here she is, in a bathroom. A bathroom, for heaven's sake! There is nothing glamorous about a bathroom, even one as cute as this one, and often, Karina is ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR. And yet, she still seems exciting and glamorous, but not untouchable. Never untouchable. I have never considered myself to be too sweet for anyone, she said. I am just a girl. Yeah, right. Just a girl with H-cup tits who's hot enough to get us right down there with her on the bathroom floor. Any day of the week.See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Kelly kay - laces out Laces Out good white dress there, Kelly. We like the way it ties up at your tits. We like it even better when you get it off to show us your lingerie. But we like it best when you get completely naked and start juggling your jugs.See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Sha rizel - bound for glory Bound For Glory This is an unusual photo set for Sha Rizel. She's bound and gagged and left helpless on a bed to wait until she's freed. Once she's untied, Sha shows off her beautiful, slim-and-stacked body.Sha doesn't have any fetishes like this one. She's more of an outdoors kind of girl.I like to go on long walks, Sha says. I like yoga. I like to relax. I am always busy, so I don't have a lot of chances to relax and go to the spa. I like to cook.Here, she's really cookin'!See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Barbara angel - oily boob massage sex Oily Boob Massage Sex Barbara Angel has a back ache so she goes to a spa for a massage. Maybe that will give her some comfort. Maybe it's because of my breasts, Barbara tells her masseuse George, who can see that Miss Angel is packing some mighty voluminous boobage in her bra. No problem. considerable breasts are his specialty. Barbara strips off and climbs onto the massage table. Her massage starts off routinely enough but quickly escalates to a mutual tonguing of pussy and cock, then oily fuck in a variety of exciting tabletop positions. George and the Angel slam into each other cruel and fast, screaming loudly when they cum. It's the first time that Barbara's been pussy-creamed in a SCORELAND match-up instead of her men loading her mouth or voluminous tits. Barbara licks up the spilled spunk off George and flashes a satisfied smile. SCORE: Barbara, what do you remember about this massage Barbara: There was a lot of oil in this scene and it was very nice. George was cute at sex. I enjoyed it. I like the different ideas in my shoots with the guys.SCORE: Have you ever had a professional massage which led to sexBarbara: Professional massages no, but a few times the massages at home got sexy.SCORE: Do you like this kind of role play on-cameraBarbara: Yes, sure. At the beginning, it's fun and then you really play.SCORE: Do you role play with a boyfriend at home Barbara: Yes, often. My favorite game is doctor and submissive patient.See More of Barbara Angel at SCORELAND.COM!. Kelly christiansen - boobs always the season for sex Breasts Always The Season For Sex breasts always the season for sex and to watch sex especially when living doll Kelly Christiansen (SCOREtv Uncut and Uncensored) is the SCORE Girl doing the sexing.Lucky are the video meat puppets who get to romp on the sheets with this incredibly sweet and shapely wife of a lucky SCORE reader. This guy's eyes bugged out even more than usual when he saw how busty and lascivious this woman is. He'd have never make love superwomen like Kelly had it not been for SCORE.Kelly gets right down to action in this video that has no story, demonstrating how hot she is in the sheets. What technique! What style! What a hot piece of butthole she is! Kelly talked about her SCORE hobby. The thing is, I'd never had sex on-camera before and watched myself. It's still a little strange. It's me, so I have to watch it with a critical eye, and I'm my own worst critic. I do like to watch myself have sex, and every time I see myself, I can't believe it's really me. Over the centuries, men have dueled other men with pistols and swords to possess a woman like her. My friends always say I'm very down-to-Earth and more like the girl next door, Kelly says. Being here and doing this would probably surprise them. Going by how I dress and things like that, no, they probably would not be surprised. But, by my personality, maybe a little. Kelly Christiansen, perfection personified.  See More of Kelly Christiansen at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Persia monir - boobs & tugs Breasts & Tugs How does a guy find a doctor like Persia Monir It ain't easy. Books listing urologists don't include their bra sizes, and their offices hang up when we ask. Here's a doctor who goes the extra inch for her male patients, checking the health of their cocks and balls. That's all Dr. Monir specializes in.Persia didn't get into adult entertainment until she became a stripper at 34. I was playing golf. It's very expensive. I had a friend talk me into dancing. He said, 'You can't really play golf the way you want to on a nurse's salary. Why don't you go strip because you've got this large body, you've been dancing all your life. Just go to the east coast, take your clothes off and have fun.'I didn't realize I was going to have to lap dance. I thought it was just going to be a nude bar, and then they said, 'Oh, by the way, you have to put latex on your nipples and do lap dancing.' No problem. I love to be touched and stroked. I learned a lot about chemistry with people. It doesn't matter what somebody looks like. It's all in their hands. A really good-looking guy could come in, and I'd dance for him, but he'd do nothing for me, but then some fat bald guy would make my eyes roll back in my head.See More of Persia Monir at SCORELAND.COM!. Chevy cobain - gimme an f! Gimme An F! Chevy Cobain says she's a football fan and likes the San Francisco 49ers. That inspired this cheerleader scene and photo shoot. Chevy is our fantasy football pick for hot cheerleader of the month at XL Girls.Chevy is kind of a quiet girl, in every way. She was low-key in her chatting with our photographer. She likes the guy to take charge of her--especially in bed--and tell her what to do, how to give suck and jack, what positions to get into, what he wants her to do with his nut. Plowing her from behind with one hand tickling her clit is one of her favorite ways that a guy can get her to cum-city. She usually swallows a guy's load because spitters are quiters.Despite her talents, Chevy says she doesn't go on many dates. This is kind of puzzling. A girl like her should be beating off the tits-and-ass men with a baseball bat. (Not that kind of beating off.) So maybe that's why Chevy decided to try nude modeling and sex on-camera. To get some well-deserved action.See More of Chevy Cobain at XLGIRLS.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn interview Autumn Interview This is Autumn-Jade's second video interview shot at SCORE HQ. It was conducted by SCORE boobguru Elliot James during a break in Autumn's shooting schedule. Elliot brought a stack of Autumn's early magazines to make this interview a trip down mammary lane with Autumn. They talk about the incomparable Chloe, the legendary Linsey Dawn McKenzie and Russian Kathy and how these three SCORE babes introduced Autumn to the fine art of furburger feasting while Autumn was shooting for SCORE in London. Enjoy your Autumn-Jade. She wants you to get heavy watching this. Believe us, you will.  See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Marina johnson - the deacon's ex-wife goes black! The deacon's ex-wife goes black! Once upon a time, Marina Johnson, a 49-year-old housewife who was born in South Carolina and lives in Florida, was a Sunday school teacher. She sang in the church choir. Her husband (ex-husband now) was a deacon. For Marina, doing what you're about to see her do was the furthest thing from her mind.No way, she said. I didn't even have an opinion about girls who did porn because I never thought about it.One divorce, one happy marriage and 19 years later, Marina has done a complete 180. Those D-cup boobs Yeah, they're fake, they're very nice, they have pointy nipples and Marina never would've gotten them if she were still married to her ex. As for blowjob and have sex a total stranger on-camera No way.I recently had sex at a swingers club, she said. I gave my man a BJ and then climbed on for a ride while the whole room of people watched. What a rush!If you met Marina Johnson, you'd think she was a classy Southern belle with a subtle sexuality. Well, there's absolutely nothing subtle about Marina in this scene. A guy has shown up to do some housework, and Marina's husband isn't home. She's dressed to fuck in a short, red dress, and when she answers the door, she says, I'd be happy to take care of you.She takes care of his big, black cock. The deacon'll have a heart intrusion if he sees this.See More of Marina Johnson at GRANNYLOVESBBC.COM!. Kerry marie - pink nighty Pink Nighty Voted busty magazine Model of the Year for 2003, Kerry was the first runner-up for the busty Model of the Year Award 2007 which went to Australia's Angela White. The readers and web members have not forgotten Kerry! Angela first modeled at 18 in 2003 and has been a large fan of Kerry's since Angela first collected and read SCORE and busty magazines. Maybe one day she'll meet Kerry in the flesh! Who knows...She's already met Kerry's nice mate, Lorna Morgan in the SCORE DVD Big-Boob Paradise. They even shared a bed!See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!. Angela white - angela's first on-camera bj Angela's first on-camera BJ This was the big one, Angela's first taste of guy-sausage with the SCORE cameras rolling. She made her decision. Eight years of fantastic modeling, including memorable encounters with other equally amazing busty SCORE and curvy Girls, have led to this milestone in Angela's life.Angela is dressed in a tight, green tank top and tight jeans. She'd look awesome starting off in that outfit, but she wants to wear something hotter, sexier and tighter. Something that spells out sex in flashing neon letters. Something that signals the sea change in her personal direction. She chooses red, the eternal color of flagrant sex, eroticism and carnality, no matter the country. This not only transforms her appearance, it energizes her already-charged sexual batteries. Angela is a hot girl under any circumstance but now she's feeling hotter.Everything in life when it comes to sex is a matter of TOP. Timing. Opportunity. Place. The TOP for Angela is now in this Caribbean paradise. Everything has jelled now for Angela to begin her first penish-blowjob session. Her energy has been channeled into pleasing penish with her mouth and throat. Eight years of thinking and daydreaming about blowjob and licking a penish on-video, making her partner drop his load into her waiting mouth, has come true. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Nicole peters - full frontal Full Frontal Nicole Peters gets prettier every time I look at her, writes Michael. She has the face of a goddess and a body that defines voluptuousness. I'm glad that you didn't bother too much with clothes for her. She is a work of living art that is meant to be seen naturally. While I love her face and tits, she also is delicate everywhere else, including her backside and legs. I love her with shorter hair. Her posing has gotten hotter with time. I wish that she would consider shaving her cunt to bring out her sexuality even more, but I'll take her any way that I can. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Lou lou - office bra-buster Office Bra-Buster Our Archivist recently discovered extra photos of British plumper Lou Lou so we are posting new scans of them as a bonus. Lou Lou is her nickname. Louise is her real name. She was 29 years old when she posed for this pictorial. Born October 5th, Lou Lou was an administrative assistant who read about our studio and decided on a whim to bare it all. After posing for a video and several XL Girls and busty Plumper of the Month pictorials, Lou Lou went back to the business world. See More of Lou Lou at XLGIRLS.COM!. Merilyn sakova - merilyn's extreme bikini Merilyn's Extreme Bikini When it comes to modeling extreme swimsuits, few women in the world look as lascivious as Merilyn does and few can stretch the thin fabric pieces to the limit as her body can. Her mountains are far more impressive than the Crimeans! It does not get very hot in the Ukraine during summer but still more and more girls there wear such lascivious bikinis, Merilyn says. I would like to wear this bikini on a hot beach in The Bahamas!See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Eva notty - excited pussies like hot cream Horny Pussies Like Hot Cream Eva Notty has it all and one of the considerable things about her is that she likes to share all of it. We've known it from the start. That's why she first came to SCORE in May 2009. That's also why Eva's never left the top-20-rated SCORELAND models list. J.C. wants some of what Eva has while the getting is sweet in horny Pussies Like Hot Cream. He makes a head-dive right for Eva's nipples and then to her clit and kitty. She repays tit for tatas by giving him a gulp job. His giant shaft is too big to get all the way down her throat but it tucks well inside her cleavage when Eva's tit-fucked. Eva wants her kitty filled. The build-up has worked her up. She really loves have sex and it always shows. The camera becomes another piece of furniture as she gets lost in the act of being fucked. Every inch of the penish gets inside her kitty-hole. It gulp it in, wanting every inch rubbing against her pink walls. Eva warms up with a cowgirl ride that allows gravity to open and fill her kitty completely. Following that, they move to a doggie position that hard-hits all of Eva's sweet spots as she's drilled to the hilt. Then they flip to missionary until it's time for dessert. In Licky Licky Sticky Sticky, Eva's mouth was nutted. This one is a serving of creamed pie. Eva provides the pie, J.C. the cream. horny pussies like hot cream. See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Autumn-jade - hot toy play Hot Toy Play For the first time on the site, never-before-seen Autumn-Jade video with lots of hot posing and hot toy play. And it's a long one also. (We mean the video.) Autumn is extra-horny as she bounces around the bed! Shot in point-of-view style! Running time: 26 minutes See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn's looky loo Autumn's Looky Loo This is a wacky A-J photoshoot (Autumn's Looky-Loo) because it's so off the wall (and nothing got on the wall, for that matter). This was a crazy thing but - oh, my gosh! - it was so much fun. Autumn said. I had that silly, big, plastic peter sticking out of my pants, and SCORE boys peeking at me over the stall. The whole idea of me dressing like a businessman and sneaking into the SCORE men's room was a hoot. It sure was different. I don't know how we got through it 'cause we were all laughing so hard. See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Summer sinn - the neighborhood busty floozy The neighborhood busty hooker It should go without saying that a lot of the scenarios played out in porn movies are not meant to be copied or tried at home. Oh, sure, you can use the positions and sexual methods for guidance (although we suggest getting your girlfriend's consent before piledriving her bum or attempting ATM), but the setups are mostly meant for fantasy purposes only.Here, Commando is with his girlfriend when the neighborhood hooker comes along. Her name is Summer Sinn. Even while Commando is hugging his girlfriend, he can't keep his eyes off of Summer's excited body, sleazy outfit and huge rack, and the girlfriend notices.But does Commando care No. His little head has taken command of his considerable head, and before you know it, he's going off with Summer for some pay-for-play.In real life, Commando might get his head handed to him for this kind of behavior. He might even get busted. But in the wonderful world of porn, he gets heavy mouth, tits and cunt from a super-stacked porn star/hooker.In the end, Commando is happy. He cums all over Summer's rack. Summer's happy. She got her money and a lovely fuck. Commando probably won't be happy when he tries to make up with his girlfriend, but, hey, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, rightWrong. As I said, do not try this at home.See More of Summer Sinn at SCORELAND2.COM!. Maggie green - number-one with a bullet Number-One With A Bullet Maggie Green's little friend is called a bullet. It's a nice kind of bullet for lustful babes made by the little ol' toymakers at Doc Johnson. It vibrates via remote control and sends Maggie into orbit faster than NASA could.It's always surreal to watch myself in videos. It's hot but I do get critical about myself. My man loves watching me so that's sexy. I haven't have sexual intercourse while a video is playing but I have masturbated to some of them.How does Maggie connect with a guy she's interested in I make major eye-contact. I make love him with my eyes. At the end of the night, chances are we'll be hanging out.See More of Maggie Green at SCORELAND.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn in her new green dress Autumn In Her New Green Dress The new Autumn proudly showing off her incredible body and fantastic tits. The letters continue to pour in. Here's one:Just recently I have seen pictures of the beautifully busty Autumn-Jade and noticed something quite different about her magnificent melons. They're BIGGER! She's always had very considerable bountiful tits but now they look as if they have filled up. I can't help but say wow! Sure they were considerable before, but they had a somewhat, how do you say, low hanging feature which is now gone and replaced by swollen seductiveness. All together, it's a vast improvement on her already very busty attractive figure. I just wanted to make sure with you that she had gotten breast implants. If so, I think she should go considerableger. She seems like she has plenty of space left to fill out in her titanic tits.-K.J.Wrong, Mr. K.J. Autumn did not get implants. Her boob growth spurt was natural. She's gained weight since her London shooting days and most of that poundage became boobage. And believe us, her titties are as packed, thick and full right now as any man would ever want.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Ines cudna - cowgirl Cowgirl A Polish cowgirl That'll work! Ines may not be any good with a lasso but she knows how to decorate a hay bale quite nicely. Lee Van Cleef would have approved. I liked the boots, jeans and shirt, said Ines. I took them back to Poland. And the hat too.See More of Ines Cudna at BUSTYINESCUDNA.COM!. Angela white - a day with angela A day with Angela Angela visited our studio for the first time in September 2003, just six months after she turned 18. An incredible year for natural newcomers-that year brought Angela White, Sapphire, Sunshine, Cherry Brady and Brandy Talore, among others-suddenly got a lot better.There are many big things about Angela. One of the bigest is that she contacted us to find out about modeling. When we saw her test shots, we immediately booked her flight to Miami, Florida. We wish we could've made it a one-way ticket.Angela was super-excited when she arrived at our studio. She was living her dream. And when it became apparent that the girl was a big model, we immediately decided to produce her debut DVD, A Day With Angela White. In this DVD, high-energy Angela is followed by the vid-cams as she poses for the magazines, gets playful with her fantastic, big boobs and lascivious pussy, sits down for an interview/clothing show with the editors and soaps up her naturals in the shower.This excerpt is the opener of A Day With Angela White. You'll love her exciting Aussie accent.  See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Merilyn sakova - the glass shower The Glass Shower Merilyn mischieveously turns this modern glass shower into a private peepshow booth. The glass shower was invented for girls like Merilyn. She enjoys teasing... making our cocks massive as cement as she soaks her luscious body. If we could make three wishes, one wish would be to be Merilyn's hands for the day, so we could feel up those incredible tits, touch and squeeze that soft, pliable breastmeat. Is that too much to ask See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Sheridan love - the doctor is in The Doctor Is In Congratulations to Sheridan Love for winning the Hardcore Performer of the Year 2015 contest. The first runner-up is the pregnant Czech Katerina Dubrova and second runner-up is Amy Anderssen. June 2016 SCORE magazine is the annual awards issue.SCORE: Sheridan, what did you think when you found out you won SCORE's Hardcore Performer awardSheridan: I honestly thought I would maybe get first or second runner-up, especially being it was my first year shooting hardcore. So excited to be able to say I'm SCORE Hardcore Performer of the Year!SCORE: Were you surprisedSheridan: Very shocked! So many beautiful, large booby girls in this contest. SCORE: Any words to the fans who voted for youSheridan: Thank you so much! You guys had been begging for years to see me with a real cock and obviously you guys really liked it. More to cum!SCORE: Tell us about this scene with Carlos Rios. Sheridan: Carlos is a large guy with a large dick! This scene was wet and slippery. Something about a man in a white lab coat that really gets me hot!SCORE: How was Carlos' bedside manner You two really went at it! Sheridan: Who could ask for a better doctor He did a thorough examination. Follow-up cumshot soon!SCORE: What did you think of the doctor-patient theme Sheridan: I thought it was very fun and kinky! I think next time I want to play the doctor! See More of Sheridan Love at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Angelique - magazine cover shots #2 Magazine Cover Shots #2 A selection of pix shot for potential usage as SCORE magazine covers. As swimsuit photos they sure speak for themselves! Very jackable! The wonderful photos of Angelique dropping her robe and posing totally nude (what a body) against a blue background are unusual since bare natural tits and full-frontal nudity are taboo on the newsstands.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Angela white - angela gets hammered Angela gets hammered Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a slide inside Australia. It's going to be a wild ride. We know Angela White's sex drive is the female equivalent of a Ferrari F140's V12 engine. We know she bangs and she bangs hard. We know she's hot with the cock, but until this scene, that's a sight no video camera had ever recorded. We know how lustful Angela is nipple-to-nipple with other SCORE Girls such as Brandy Talore, Christy Marks and Cherry Brady. Their scenes have been replayed many times on countless screens. This is the girl who told us in 2004 that she had a XXX centerfold picture of Orsolya from January '03 SCORE taped on her bedroom wall.Until this scene, everyone could only imagine in the movie theaters of our minds what she would look like with cock in her saucy mouth and plunging into her pleasant pussy. Many of us predicted Angela would graduate university, get a nine-to-five job, get married and stop modeling. But then she suddenly contacted the SCORE Studio with an offer we couldn't refuse. The power of Angela won again.I think there's going to be mixed reaction, Angela admitted about this first-time boy-girl experience. I think some fans will say, 'Finally!' I think other fans are going to be disappointed, actually, that I'm doing it. A lot of my fans write to me and say that I'm like this pure, angelic creature that they just want to hold. But, actually, they don't know me! 'Cause I'm nasty! Sorry! But I still love you.I really wanna do this and it's gonna be fun, so don't hold it against me. I wanna do this. It's for me. It's for everyone. It's all pleasant! So, this is it. The bad pleasant girl finally goes bad and lives out her wet dream of full-sexxx in front of the SCORE lens after eight years of camera-celibacy. As for the stunt cock in this scene, Angela might even ruin him for all the other girls he'll fuck. How can they match her heat Are all Australian girls as lustful as Angela If they are, pack your bags. See More of Angela White at BIGTITANGELAWHITE.COM!. Tiffany towers - tiffany & tawy = tnt Tiffany & Tawy = TNT This girl-girl layout of Tawny and Tiffany exemplifies the classic look of SCORE during the mid-90s, when these two were at their peak. Both discoveries of John Graham, they went on to immense fame on the big bust club circuit. Here we see them acting out the always popular hot-for-teacher' fantasy. Tawny plays the stacked and prim teacher and Tiffany is the shy schoolgirl. The fantasy goes from hot to smoldering when these stacked legends get undressed and get their lezzie freak on. The tit power in these photos is epic and by the time these two start licking each other's slits, you should be rock hard. See More of Tiffany Towers at TIFFANY-TOWERS.COM!. Jazmine - tight fit Tight Fit Jazmine, a slim yet curvy natural, rides Johnny's fuckin' bronco in Tight Fit and she has a nice time doing it. She likes being taken from behind and riding cowgirl style. I try to have sex every day, says Jazmine. With her looks and body, she has no problem good horndogs, especially in south Florida. I have a tickle fetish and I like it when a guy has a foot fetish and enjoys my feet. When I wear heels that show off my feet, or I'm barefoot, I can tell by looking at a guy's eyes if he has a foot fetish.Before a guy fucks me, I like to get head and get fingered first. Sometimes I'm cool with a guy fingering my ass. It depends. I don't really have any interest in jerk-off but I did try something different: playing with myself while I sat on a washing machine that was turned-on. The vibrations were incredible.See More of Jazmine at SCORELAND.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn in the kitchen Autumn In The Kitchen This is the complete photo set of the pictorial published in May 1999 SCORE Magazine. The soapsuds pictures were never used in the magazine. Traci Topps was the cover model of this issue. This was Autumn's 4th spread (her second for SCORE). She also had one video to her credit: her solo video called Autumn's First Time, shot in England. The mail continued to pour in about her, many readers proclaiming her one of the greatest naturals in SCORE history.See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Alexya - rack 'em up Rack 'em Up She's got us in her corner pocket. Alexya is back to show her award-winning rack while she racks 'em up on the pool table. The 2015 curvy Newcomer of the year contest winner hits the felt when she's done handling the cue stick and whacking balls.This season's contest was very tight, with Juliana Simms and Larissa Linn orgasm in second and third and Samantha Lily a formidable candidate, especially among the web voters. DB4BBW wrote, She proves that you don't have to do any damn hardcore to be a large model.Alexya said she was a late-bloomer in the breast department. I was already about 18 or 19 years old when they started to grow. I see that many of the models at SCORELAND say they got boobs young. That was not my experience.Keep rackin' us up, Alexya. See More of Alexya at SCORELAND.COM!. Jordynn luxxx - who's the boss Who's The Boss Male power over women is the name of the game in Who's The Boss starring horny, young sexbomb Jordynn LuXXX. Tarzan needs a plaything. Jordynn fits the bill, and she fits the skintight pants and bustier he wants her to wear.Spanking her great anus and making her slap her own anus, Tarzan demands she call him Sir at all times except when Jordynn's throat is filled with his beef-banana in any position he desires her to be in. She's going to be ravished during this boudoir banging, her great tits fucked, her shaved pussy stuffed. Jordynn slurps his meat and makes loud, wet, blow sounds, music to the ears.Jordynn's a willing slave to her master, but there are no whips or shackles, no artificial play acting. massive and rough sex are what's being prepared as the dish of the day, and Jordynn is on the menu.Jordynn will be watching this scene.I love seeing me take that dick, she said. She's watched her solo videos with her husband (I am completely servient to my daddy.), and she's watched her XXX videos alone. Maybe that will change.See More of Jordynn LuXXX at XLGIRLS.COM!. Rockell - the hot string-bikini girl The hot string-bikini girl Rockell puts on a yellow, knitted string bikini and then gets wet. Yes, natural tits do indeed float. Rockell gets out of the pool, oils up and shows you exactly what a Southern girl is made of. There have only been a few Alabamians who showed their Alabama body and became SCORE Girls. There was the original, Autumn-Jade, and Anna Loren. Why so few is a question no one can answer except for other busty Alabama girls. There are not a lot of adult stores where Rockell lives. Since she really enjoys seeing herself in magazines, she often checks out the shelves when she's in an issue of SCORE or busty. One time she contacted me when a store didn't carry the busty issue she was in. Now that's motivation! One thing we've never done with Rockell is one of her favorite things to do on video: mud wrestle another girl.I love to mud wrestle! she said. I like to wrestle other women and get wild with them while we roll around and get dirty.Rockell dropped out of sight for a couple of years. Now she's back, I'm happy to say.See More of Rockell at SCORELAND2.COM!. Karina hart - laundry day Laundry day Ah, Karina! She can make an ordinarily mundane task, like doing the laundry, exciting. Riddle: How many H-cup bras can Karina stuff into the washing machine at one time Probably two or three, at most. I don't wash my bras in the washing machine, Karina said. They are too expensive. I wash them with my own two hands. Okay, show of hands here, men: How many of you would volunteer to do Karina's wash, just for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to handle her bras and panties and see how stretched out her tight tops really get. Count us in, and we hate doing the laundry. I hate it, too, but this time, it was fun, Karina reported after getting all soapy, for who knows what reason. Really, why is Karina pouring laundry detergent over her precious tits Because they're there!See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Tawny peaks - hot-rod tawny Hot-Rod Tawny Now here's your hot-rod mamma! And a hot rod you're sure to have viewing this rockin' photo set. Tawny does everything to drive you up the wall until you feel like road-kill, but in a attracting way! Yes, Tawny is turbo-charged throughout this set and as racy as can be. You're not going to be shafted by these pictures because Tawny is humming on all cylinders. She's horny, and you'll hoot at her hooters as she shifts gears from one position to another. You'll get considerable mileage out of these photos because Tawny never seems to run out of gas. Just grease up your's going to be a bumpy ride!See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Sandra star - rock star of considerable breasts Rock Star Of great breasts The Rock Star of great breasts Sandra Star says she was inspired by Elizabeth Starr and Minka. Dolly Fox has also said this. SCORE magazine editor Dave wrote in the April 2016 edition, Sandra looks a little like a younger Elizabeth Starr and fucks like her, too.Sandra knew about SCORE before she even began modeling, one of those girls attracted to the world of big-boob worship and who admired very busty models and entertainers. She knew about SCORE's Boob Cruises too. That was a surprise. The Boob Cruise is famous in Germany, said Sandra. Everybody who knows about SCORE knows about the Boob Cruise. I'd love to go on a Boob Cruise one day. It looked like so much fun. The nice islands, the water, the warm weather and, of course, hanging out with all of the nice girls and the guys. It would be my dream to go on the Boob Cruise. If the Boob Cruise should ever sail again, we know that Sandra Star would be one of the rock stars on the ship. See More of Sandra Star at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Arowyn white - voluptuous, stacked and have sexual intercourse Voluptuous, stacked and have sexual intercourse Arowyn White, a considerable-titted, 42-year-old blonde from Indianapolis, Indiana, introduces herself by gulp penish and have sexual intercourse. Oh, and by taking a cock between her considerable, natural tits, too. This is the kind of thing you gotta love: a trashy, busty, chunky blonde who's old enough to know what her body is best used for. delight men, delight herself.Women with bodies like Arowyn's are rare. So many mature women spend far too much time in the gym, hoping to somehow achieve society's ideal body. Arowyn is just happy to have considerable tits.They make my men happy, she said. And they get me what I want.Which isMore men, silly!She's a refreshing change of pace from a lot of MILFs you see these days. You know, the ones who can't pull themselves away from the gym for more than five minutes. The kind that think men are turned on by skin and bones. Not Arowyn. She has considerable tits, considerable tits, a considerable ass...she's a considerable girl, and she's proud of it.Tits and ass are some of the things that separate women from men, she said. I like my men to have something to grab onto so they know what they're dealing with.With Arowyn working your knob, you'll always know what you're dealing with.See More of Arowyn White at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Cassandra calogera - red light rack Red Light Rack When you see Cassedandra Calogera gyrating and grinding her hot body and mashing her big boobs on the glassed in the red light district of delight Town, USA, you wonder why there aren't more of these districts around your neighborhood, right Furthermore, you ask yourself, (or at least we did) why the fuck Sting & The Police sing and advise Roxanne to NOT put on the red light We just don't get it. If she looked half as appealing as Cassedandra does, we'd tell her to keep the red light on 24/7. 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