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Tiggle bitties - tiggle & a jiggle Tiggle & A Jiggle May 2016 busty covergirl Tiggle Bitties was recently in Miami, far from her home in the Pacific Northwest but the Florida sun and sky really suits her. And Tiggle knows about motor boats and motorboating. They do that too in her part of the USA. No boat needed. Just heavy tits. On the West Coast, where I live, it's just the thing, said Tiggle. It's the thing where you put your face between someone's tits and go... But we do it to more than just strippers. It just covers your face with tits and makes you warm and happy.The most fun career or job Tiggle's ever had You've been looking at it.Being a model tops everything I've ever done, says Tig. My mother was sort of an exhibitionist and I grew up in sort of a nudist household, so I never worried about my body. I got teased a little when I was a kid, but I'm really comfortable. Why hide it So I got into modeling through camming.Tiggle starts her video outdoors but has to go inside later. She gets too hot and we don't mean because of the weather. See More of Tiggle Bitties at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - weather girl Weather Girl Since the powers that be have given Linsey the ability to predict the weather, she wants to make a special prediction. She thinks that the weather is going to change from cold and snowy to warm and moist. She can feel the change starting already, beginning in her nipples. She predicts that you'll be experiencing a high pressure system by looking at this photo set, Weather Girl. Too bad LDM didn't get a spot on TV.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Angel wicky - sex with a hot angel Sex with a hot Angel When your date is dressed for dinner like Angel Wicky is here, you have a charming charming shot at getting some pussy later in the evening. Of course, that's not always guaranteed. Some women just like to show off their breasts. They know that breasts are the ultimate fashion accessory, so they wear their breasts like some women might wear a necklace.Angel Wicky:1. Does like to show off her breasts.2. Does know that breasts are the ultimate fashion accessory.3. Does show off her rack on a date when she's super-horny.So it doesn't always have to be one or the other. Here, Angel and Thomas are on a date. They're at a restaurant. There doesn't seem to be a waiter around, so Angel serves up her breasts and Thomas helps himself. Hey, who said this was a buffetWe asked Angel Wicky if she has had sex in public, and she said, Yes, in a car and in a park. For shooting, it's cool and crazy. But for sex with someone I love No. The truth is I can't enjoy it and concentrate. I don't feel relaxed and comfortable, so much noise, small space, people around...I need quiet and a comfortable place, where I can do what I want and how I want, without anyone else around.Did she say love What's love got to do with itAngel calls herself a perfectionist, and she applies that attitude to sucking penish and fucking.I'm a porno star and I have the honor and opportunity to fulfill all the dreams and fantasies of the people who see me. So I concentrate on making perfect scenes and photos. I try to do my best so everyone will enjoy them.See More of Angel Wicky at SCORELAND2.COM!. Leanne crow - putting the show in shower Putting The Show In Shower Here in a modern mansion high above the Mexican coastal city of Puerto Vallarta, Leanne uses the fitness equipment in the mansion's gym.Leanne uses the treadmill and the elliptical and then does hand weights and floor work. Leanne checks herself in the mirror after her exercises then has a beautiful shower. The water drips off her fantastic body as she uses a hand-held shower head and while she's in the shower, she does a boobs on glass display. Leanne really puts the show in shower!  See More of Leanne Crow at LEANNECROWVIDEOS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - linsey and susie wilden Linsey and Susie Wilden This extremely excited 24 minute lez scene starring Linsey and Susie Wilden is part of the USA video Bosom Buddies #5 and, in the United Kingdom only, busty anal Lovers. Considering the size of Susie's tits, a team-up was essential. In London, dildo capital of Europe, Linsey and Susie take each other on with a variety of kooky sex gizmos that give new meaning to the term plug-n-play. Linsey fills her ass while Susie plugs LDM's pussy. Wow! Linsey gives it to Susie right in the tush.They each insert a double-donger in their lubed pussies and grind away on their backs to cum hard. But it's not just toys. The huge-boob action is also sensational, with a breast-creaming scene to kick off the party. Of all of Linsey's girl-girl breast fests, this is the hottest session of them all. See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Sha rizel - calling nurse rizel Calling Nurse Rizel Nurse Sha Rizel enters, looking like an angel of mercy in her tight uniform. Nurses don't dress like this anymore. Political correctness, work efficiency and all that, you know. No one wants to give the patients any more shocks. That can wait until they get their bills in the mail.But in our Hooter Hospital, the nurses still dress the old-fashioned way. And the old ways are still the breast.Let me listen to your heart, Nurse Rizel says. She puts on her stethoscope and listens to your tom-tom already beating a fast tune at the sight of her. You need to relax.Relax Impossible.Nurse Rizel has the right prescription. Just sit back and enjoy the treatment. It looks like you're going to get kicked out of your bed so Sha can spread out.As she will say later, Now you will feel better.  See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Sarenna lee - sweater busters incorporated Sweater Busters Incorporated Some of you have requested more clothing layouts, so here's a special one you're gonna love. They invented the sweater so SaRenna can bust them to shreds. This brilliant orange and white number looks superb on her luscious chest, and could stop traffic cold. Add the miniskirt and heels, and it's jack city. Ouch! We'd love to be that couch her anal is heating up. Enjoy SaRenna wearing this outfit while it lasts in this pictorial 'cause it's gotta come off so we can savor her huge gazongas and busty body. See More of SaRenna Lee at SARENNASWORLD.COM!. Kamille amora - kinky paddle Kinky Paddle Kamille Amora is dressed to slap as a fetishist clad in boots and a black cage dress. It must be Saturday night at the kink factory. She's got a paddle in her hand too. Assuming she's not conducting a sorority hazing, we figure that paddle might be for her own ripe booty. Kamille has whacked off a few studs at XL Girls but not with a paddle.Is Kamille, a lap dancer and now a porn star, really into a kinkster lifestyle back home Not really.I'm sweet simple and old-fashioned, Kamille said. Dinner and a movie. Some conversation. If we hit it off, maybe go home and watch a porno.Kamille loves watching porn so when it came to do it herself at XL Girls, she was gagging for it. Her most recent was during a trip to our certified boob doctor. He treats XL Girls with special attention.I have sex almost every day. I'm kind of rough to keep up with. I love doggy style, and if a guy wants to put his cock in my ass, he can go right ahead. Let me know first, of course, but I love arse sex. It makes me squirt rougher.See More of Kamille Amora at XLGIRLS.COM!. Juliana simms - give thanks for juliana Give Thanks For Juliana We give thanks for Juliana Simms and all of the girls at SCORELAND who give so much of themselves. You might see 300 girls built like Juliana and maybe one of them will show her cute stuff on-camera.Said Juliana, When your model finder introduced himself and said I would be a big model, I saw this as an unexpected opportunity that I should take advantage of. I like to try new things. Modeling is something I wanted to try.One of our scouts was pleasantly surprised when he walked into a florist's shop where Juliana worked to buy some flowers and saw her. No self-respecting boob man could miss her. He asked Juliana if she had ever modeled and explained what The SCORE Group was all about. Juliana was interested. Our scout took some pics (see for the kind of test shots we require) and sent them our way. We were smitten by this kitten.See More of Juliana Simms at SCORELAND.COM!. Vanessa y - vanessa y , bikini buster Vanessa Y., bikini buster We'd seen naturally stacked Polish beauty Vanessa Y. in a lot of different outfits (out of those outfits, too), but we'd never seen her in a bikini until we flew her to the Dominican Republic for an on-location shoot. The bikinis we brought along for her didn't come close to fitting. She'd gotten bustier.I stopped smoking, I started drinking beer and my breasts got bigger, Vanessa said.I'd heard that before. British natural Alexis Silver also got bustier when she stopped smoking. Yet another reason people, especially curvy women, shouldn't smoke. Vanessa was recently named 2015 curvy Model of the Year. No surprise there. She's one of the best naturals I've ever seen. She also has a haired pussy, which many guys like. But I think what makes Vanessa special is that she knows how to model. She knows how to connect with the camera and, therefore, with the viewer. It's a special gift. Not all girls have it. Vanessa has it to go along with her other special gifts. See More of Vanessa Y. at SCORELAND2.COM!. Mishka lee - one cock isn't enough for busty mishka lee One tool isn't enough for busty Mishka Lee When this video opens, Mishka Lee is on her knees suc tool.You like that, the dude she's suc says. You like my tool in your mouth. I've been make love you for weeks now.Don't kid yourself, Mishka says between gulps. You don't know what I need.What else do you want he says.I want a tool in my mouth and my anal.I can't do both at the same time, he responds. I've only got one tool, babe.Is this guy dense Doesn't he get the messageI can put your finger in your anal while you're suc my tool, he adds.Idiot!There's a knock on the door. It's the delivery boy.Come on in. The door's open, Mishka Lee says. Soon, her anal is open, too.Mishka Lee is a businesswoman, and when you're running a business (hers makes signs), you need to have the ability to do two things at once. Here, this big-titted, kinky, tattooed nymph from San Diego (by way of San Antonio, Texas), proves that she can do two things at once. She can gulp one tool while jacking another. She can lick balls while getting make love in her pussy. She can ride tool while suc tool, and she can get anal-make love while suc tool, too. And, of course, she can make two tools cumshot at once.Being in 40Something has definitely made me a hornier woman, Mishka Lee told us. That's something I didn't think was possible.Dare to dream, Mishka Lee. You're a very talented woman.See More of Mishka Lee at MILFTHREESOMES.COM!. Harmony white - harmony white does it right Harmony White Does It Right Harmony White first came (and came hard) to SCORE in 2013. A cam girl, Harmony was living in Miami and moved away after her first visit. But she recently contacted us, ready for more. SCORELAND: Do you ever go to strip clubs Have you ever been a dancerHarmony White: I love strip clubs! I love having a cute pair of tits in my face. I did dance for about a week in Miami but it wasn't my thing.SCORELAND: Have your natural tits ever fallen out of your top in publicHarmony White: A few times, yes. It depends on what kind of top I have on and what I'm doing when one or both of my breasts pop out.SCORELAND: Do you do things like cleaning or watching TV at home topless or nakedHarmony White: Usually when I'm in a hurry, I'm running around cleaning naked. I'm a big multi-tasker. SCORELAND: Do you find yourself sensual your breasts without thinking about itHarmony White: All the time.SCORELAND: What have been your top three sexual experiencesHarmony White: I seriously can't cut it down to three. Usually my best ones are drunk ones!SCORELAND: What kind of adult videos do you watchHarmony White: I think I'm a closet Lesbian. Watching girl-girl porn makes me elegant horny.See More of Harmony White at SCORELAND.COM!.
Sandra star - three the violent way Three The cruel Way Dellon got an added boner bonus besides his workmen's compensation when he screwed in Sandra Star's light bulb in The Working Man's Ultimate Fantasy. As in Sandra have sex the pants off him.Coming home late from a date with the show stopping Sandra, they find Dellon's bro Denis panaled out in his apartment. Sandra's boobs look ready to pop out of her low-cut dress and Dellon can't wait to get a lip lock on her pointed nipples. His snoozing buddy doesn't stop Sandra and Dellon from getting into bed and starting to mess around. A giggling Sandra is wide open to Dellon suc on her great jutting boobs.Just as Dellon's about to give Sandra head, Denis wakes up. He must have great-boob radar. This doesn't cock-block Dellon's action at all. Sandra's amused and she's happy to have Denis join in. She can easily handle two men and double her pleasure. Each guy gets to bone Sandra's anal too. The beautiful, bountifully-buxom blonde is very accommodating! What a babe! See More of Sandra Star at SCORELAND.COM!. Anastasia lux - sauna sex party Sauna Sex Party It's another trip to the spa for Anastasia Lux and another sexy, erotic adventure for the brunette knockout. Anastasia walks over to the sauna area. She's wearing a curve-clinging dress that's about to come off. Anastasia changes into a bikini and enters the sauna where she meets Tom. She's reluctant at first thinking she's walked into the mens' sauna but Tom explains that this is a unisex sauna open to both men and women. Anastasia asks Tom if there's any oil handy that she can use and he not only shows her the bottle, he asks if he can help rub it in her skin. What a gentleman. Always thinking of others. Tom begins rubbing the stuff in, first on Anastasia's back then making his way over to her large natural tits.As Tom rubs those large hangers, Anastasia gets into it. He peels back her top to fondle her naked breasts. That gives her waves of pleasure. She reaches under his towel to hold his tool in her hand and play with it and he reaches out to play with her nipple. Anastasia cups her tits together and Tom slips his boner between them for a tit-fuck. This looks like the start of a sweet friendship. See More of Anastasia Lux at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Katie thornton - curvy british bikini babe Curvy British Bikini Babe Katie Thornton is built for speed and she'd rule Miami if she ever moved here from Manchester. This bikini shedding scene is presented as evidence in our claim. Katie has two magazine covers, the cover of the 3-disc DVD SCORE's Top Guns and is the winner of the Newcomer of the Year contest for 2015.Katie first got into modeling when she was 18 years old and her first pro shoots were in Italy and Majorca, Spain, two days after her 18th birthday. I was a little nervous because I was with other girls a bit older than me. But soon I knew this was for me. Katie also owns a beauty salon and her goal is to open a few more. So you're looking at a future business dynamo with a strong entrepreneurial side to her. A lot of my friends in my hometown have big tits. We all go out and get a lot of attention. Friends considerable tits We need to check out some of Katie's friends. There's always room at SCORE for more.See More of Katie Thornton at SCORELAND.COM!. Nicole peters - too lustful for her bra Too lusty For Her Bra The Nicole Peters phenomenon attracts new fans from around the world. Emails ask who the girl in the photos is from our twice-weekly BoobMail list. Nicole's name is mentioned on Internet message boards by posters debating her merits, asking if Nicole's better than other models. Other models praise and admire her. Australian V-Mag and SCORE model Angela White adores Nicole and would one day love to pose with her. Through it all, Nicole remains shy and sweet--the beautiful, super-busty girl-next-door. See More of Nicole Peters at NICOLEPETERS.COM!. Christy marks - in the van, on the man In The Van, On The Man Christy loves it when we take her around Miami when she is down here. Since she hails from a town in Pennsylvania where she endures long winters, any chance she gets to spend touring around sunny South Florida makes her happy. We expected her to ask us to stop so she could jump out and see some sights. What we didn't expect was for her to jump out of the van so she could pick up a guy and jump his bones! But that is what she did, hauling this guy Kevin in our van and rocking his cock, but good. And what an impression she made on him that he asked us if he could come by our studios in the morning and maybe have intercourse her again. That Christy and her horny pussy! Capable of converting the average man into a porn stud, just like that!See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Anastasia lux - gym time Gym Time It's gym time with curvy hottie and porn star Anastasia Lux. Anastasia's training dicks: weights, a gym ball and a hula hoop. Some calisthenics and stretching prepare her for her last set of the day with the kind of training dick not used at most fitness centers.I work out as much as I can, says Anastasia. I did play volleyball and basketball in school. Now I go to the gym often...but, obviously, I don't do what you're seeing me do in this photo shoot, although I'm sure the guys there would like that! My voluminous tits get me a lot of attention, of course, especially when I'm in the sauna, a swimming pool and working out.Writes R.D., orgasm home every day to a curvy beauty like Anastasia would be any man's fantasy. Who cares if she has dinner on the table More Anastasia pics, please!See More of Anastasia Lux at SCORELAND.COM!. Christy marks - cock-umentary part 2 Cock-umentary Part 2 There's never enough dick for a girl who needs it all the time! That's the case with Christy, who can never turn down a stiff one. That's why she started making this personal dick-umentary so she could get on record how many pricks she pounds on a daily basis. In part one of this insightful video diary, we see Christy take a dick down in POV. But in this, the second installment of her video montage, Christy hops on a dick having barely wiped off guy number one's cumshot from her belly! She is a busy girl...hopping from dick to dick! See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Shione cooper - stairway to hooter heaven Stairway To Hooter Heaven From the second Shione Cooper begins playing with her tiny body to the very end when she spits out the hot cumshot onto her beautiful, large tits, Shione proved her unlimited sex appeal. Anyone who can find even one little thing to criticize about Shione needs to have his head scanned. Her face, her body and her moves are hooter heaven-sent as she's have sexual intercourse outside under blue skies. Growing up, Shione was a punky chick with short hair, then she blossomed. Shione started off as a dancer back home in the Czech Republic and decided to take the heavy porn ride after a year of very soft glamour modeling. That was very surprising but girls seem to always make surprising moves. She is also a model agent. Her partner in this scene left exhausted...and Shione will leave you exhausted too. See More of Shione Cooper at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Joana bliss - tit chat Tit Chat The large Joana Bliss chats with our photographer on a terrace overlooking the street. It's too windy and not conducive to recording a conversation so they move indoors. The statuesque stunner tells us a little more about her background and her interests and also shows us one of the abdominal exercises she does. Anytime we see this nice woman, we are hit with brain freeze and get boob drunk. This time is no exception! See More of Joana Bliss at SCORELAND.COM!. Tawny peaks - lady in red Lady In Red An early pictorial that captures the physical transition from Heleana to Tawny Peaks. There are characteristics of each personality in this shoot. The boobs: Tawny. The hair and make-up: Heleana. As Tawny said to fellow dancer Montana in the July 1993 SCORE. I was vacationing in Florida a few years ago, working on my tan during Spring Break at Daytona Beach, when John Graham, SCORE'S director of photography, approached me about modeling and becoming a feature entertainer. I was very shy and a little apprehensive, so I just took his phone number and blew it off. About two years later, I found his number and gave him a call and the rest is history.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Merilyn sakova - tiger Tiger What breast-men say about the incredible Merilyn: Merilyn has all the goods from the top of her head all the way down to the tip of her toes.-Chris. How in God's name did you guys ever manage to find such a pleasant beauty-David. The best ever discovery among a field of big discoveries, with all due respect to the big names before her. That's my opinion.-Rick.See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Christy marks - christy's lesbian scene Christy's lesbian Scene Sure, men love Christy. But women love Christy, too! Hot, big-titted women like Lorna Morgan, Angela White, Terry Nova and Gianna Rossi. They have delicious, full funbags of their own, so they can appreciate a juicy pair on a woman as hot as Christy. And since they have the equipment, they know how to handle it, too. Watch as the girls massage, fondle and stroke Christy on a good island setting. I felt honored to have my body worshipped by some of the hottest big-tit models. It was so hot to feel their hands all over me then watch them take out their breasts and oil them up, said Christy after this shoot.  See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Chloe vevrier - chloe's plastic passion Chloe's Plastic Passion This photo shoot idea was inspired by JC from Duluth. He wanted Chloe in bondage using cling wrap. It is also known as mummification and is one of the weirder fetishes the mind can dream up. The idea is to induce a sense of total helplessness and of being at someone's mercy. It can be dangerous, so this kind of bondage is not recommended to people new at bondage play. Cling wrap doesn't breathe so the skin that's covered will sweat, and moisture and heat will be trapped under the wrap. The feeling on the skin becomes very odd. We didn't wrap Chloe in true mummification-style as practiced by professional super-fetishists because that would just involve total wrapping over the arms and legs by their sides. (There wouldn't be much to do photographically with a human sausage.) Instead, Chloe plays and poses with various parts of her anatomy wrapped in plastic in one of her strangest pictorials. The reflective surface of the plastic creates various interesting effects on her naked flesh, especially her boobs. Chloe wears only clear platform heels, which give her legs that ultrasexy shape, and her make-up is Goth and severe to complete the overall bizarre effect.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Meggie gold - golden girl Golden Girl Meggie Gold says her fantasy is to have sex while skydiving. We considered the complexities, logistics and liabilities of filming this fantasy and said Okay, next idea. make love on a nice, bouncy bed or a couch is much more stable than trying to make love (and film) as one heads towards fairly violent soil at an average speed of 160 miles per hour. And don't even think about what kind of cum shot it would be. No, Meggie's Lara Croft fantasy will have to wait. Why does she have sex on-film I like excitement, Meggie reveals. I watch porn and I like it. There are more girls into watching porn than people realize. My sex life got kinda boring and routine, and I wasn't getting that much, anyway. I thought it would be fun to make love guys who make love professionally...guys with porn cocks. Guys like that are not shy and reserved with sexually assertive girls like me. She has natural talent. See More of Meggie Gold at SCORELAND.COM!. Rose marie - busty gilfs love anal Curvy GILFs love bottom She's 50something, so, obviously, Rose Marie has have intercourse a lot in her life. But she's never have intercourse in front of the camera, for your jacking pleasure, and this first time had her very excited.It's kind of lascivious to know that there are men sitting at home watching me have the most-intimate of acts with a total stranger, this busty divorcee said. I really got into it.Obviously. She takes it up the butt.I know a lot of women don't like that. anus sex, I mean, Rose Marie said. But it's one of my favorite things. I think most women would like it if they tried it, but I can't tell people what to do. I'm old enough to know better than that. She's old enough to know that taking it up the butt on-camera doesn't make her a slut.No, she said, smiling. It makes me adventurous!See More of Rose Marie at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - luscious lounger Luscious Lounger Letters to Linsey:Hi Linsey,Your pictorial ass Kicker is very, very different! I noticed that you have a piercing in your lip I hope it's a fake one and just added for this very special pictorial. You look so pleasant without it. Your #1 Fan in Denmark, R. C., Copenhagen(Note: yes, it was not a real piercing!) See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Demmy blaze - busty as blazes Busty As Blazes Demmy Blaze is as busty as blazes and just as cute. Demmy is ready to blaze a trail across SCORELAND and she makes her magazine debut in August 2016 SCORE. My tits started to get very large when I was 15 and I was the largegest of all of my girlfriends,  Demmy said. Now I buy my bras from Britain because it is very massive to find them where I live.I have a lot of hobbies. I like make-up, photo shoots, dancing and going to the gym. I used to be a waitress in the summer. It was a fun job and I got a lot of attention from the guests. I like it when people make good compliments about my figure. I'm a single girl and I like to go out with friends to cafes and nightclubs.Demmy has a tiny anatomy and considerable large boobs. She can self-suck her nipples and she enjoys showing off to the camera. She has a girl-next-door personality and look that reminds us of several large-chested American girls of the past and present. See More of Demmy Blaze at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Roxi red - roxi through glass Roxi Through Glass Roxi Red, all 5'9 of her without the six-inch heels, tries out SCORE's glass table and the views are spectacular when she climbs onto it and squishes her hard mams. It's Roxi's first time and she's the biggest-chested girl to have ever been filmed on it. Roxi was a cheerleader in high school. Can you picture that We can. It would be a ridiculous question to ask her if she was the bustiest girl in school. She loves the attention she gets modeling at SCORELAND and the attention she gets when she's running around Saint Paul, Minnesota shopping or at a restaurant. Roxi hasn't said if anyone has recognized her and introduced himself. She'd be difficult to forget once you're seen her.I'm passive with men. Getting oral is what gives me the best orgasms. I like to have sex at least twice a week and my favorite position is from behind. I don't care for bum sex but I like being gently fingered there. I had sex in a classroom at college and didn't get caught. I was with another girl once. It was okay. I was pleasured, I didn't pleasure her back. I did have a threesome with another girl and a guy. It was great. See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Autumn-jade - autumn:getting corked Autumn:Getting Corked Autumn-Jade is like a fine wine. With every taste, she just gets better. Wait a minute! Are we talkin' bout Autumn-Jade here Well, I do like wine a whole bunch. When I'm with my friends we like to go for picnics with wine and cheese and we have a real pleasant time. So is Miss Autumn an oenophile Honey, don't you go usin' those twenty-dollar words! I like wine and that's that. Well, when we had the chance to photograph Autumn in this wonderful wine cellar, she just popped her cork. This is vintage A-J, her fabulous floppers, award-winning ass and lickable legs displayed as only she can. And wouldntcha know it, we had Mr. dildo along for the ride. Autumn was only too happy to show us the proper technique for putting the cork back in the bottle. Don't just shove it in, she said as Mr. dildo disappeared into her juicy slit, Make sure you slide it in sweet and slow so it stays in there. Autumn, here's a toast to you!See More of Autumn-Jade at AUTUMN-JADE.COM!. Roxi red - no bikini top can hold roxi's tits No Bikini Top Can Hold Roxi's boobs This is the first time Roxi Red has worn a bikini and gone for a dip in a cool pool to stiffen her nipples. Oiling up her huge hooters takes a lot of time. There's so much to cover but it is sure worth it. Her boobs are literally the size of watermelons. The sight of Roxi slipping off her bikini and shorts is one of the greatest shows on Earth.P.S. writes, This tall, sultry beauty is simply stunning. Roxi has it all: the looks, the body and the rack. Roxi beautifully shows that bigger really is better.The sheer size, shape and fullness of her considerable hangers is awesome. Talk about endless cleavage!Speak softly and carry a big bra is Roxi's motto. See More of Roxi Red at SCORELAND.COM!. Micky bells - tits beyond belief Tits Beyond Belief Seeing the new look Micky Bells, Nick made a succinct comment: Micky Bells is enough to make a bishop kick out a stained glass window!Stef83 wrote, Micky is pregnant and she's more nice than ever. Congratulations, Micky, you will be one of the most nice mums in the world.The opening salvo of Micky's photo set brings us pictures of her outside on a side street with her coat open at the top to expose unbelievable cleavage. She enters the building and the fun escalates. We have to wonder if Micky now has the biggest natural breasts in SCORELAND or does Roxi RedI don`t want to come off as hyperbolic, writes Andrew about Micky's previous scene Seeing Is Believing! But not only is this the best video Micky has ever done, but it`s possibly one of the best scenes that SCORE has ever shot. What a way to start off 2016! Andrew might like this one even more.See More of Micky Bells at SCORELAND.COM!. Marie lambo - a hot czech A Hot Czech Marie Lambo is...hold the phone...a model from the Czech Republic. This small, beer-loving nation is the world's capital of big-busted models, putting the rest of the world to shame, an embarrassment that can never be erased.Gorgeous Marie comes our way from one of our globe-trotting photographers who met her in Prague. She's a tall girl who likes sports, dancing and living the fitness lifestyle. We only have one body so I make sure I treat it well, Marie says. pleasant philosophy. Marie caught on quickly and she knows how to spread her cunt wide open and get into those hot fuck-me poses that inspire male bulges. We were impressed by how nubile and limber she is. We've seen Marie's photos before but she was never spread-eagle in them. The shots from 31 to 55 are winners.See More of Marie Lambo at SCORELAND.COM!. Tawny peaks - black on white Black On White Once posted on a Net message board by Danni Ashe: I spent a week in Eleuthera, Bahamas shooting magazine layouts with Tiffany Towers, SaRenna Lee, Chloe Vevrier, Europe DiChan, Tawny Peaks and Lisa Lipps. Needless to say, we as a group created quite a stir in the nearby town of Governor's Harbour, and three days before we were scheduled to leave, the Bahamian Police arrived to confiscate our equipment. Fortunately, I managed to slip off to another island with the film, and the cameras were eventually given back.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Kerry marie - black dress Black Dress lovely body. considerable voice. Looked large in the DVD On Location Key Largo. If you have not seen it, get it! Kerry and Lorna Morgan's scene will send you to hell! posted JP on the Internet Movie Database. Kerry Marie is incredibly petite and horny and she has gotten more good as she has put on a few extra pounds in recent years, concurs another J.P. And H.C. posts: Even now, every time we see her we can hardly believe her large beauty! And that's not even considering her breasts! Yes, she has taken, and is still taking, the big-boob lovers' world by storm, and we love her! Here, here! Hip, hip, hoorah for Kerry Marie!See More of Kerry Marie at BUSTYKERRYMARIE.COM!.
Sha rizel - preparing for her day Preparing For Her Day This is what SCORE calls a reverse strip or morning ritual pictorial. Instead of starting off wearing clothing and removing it piece by piece, the model wakes up and does her chick thing in the bathroom (such as brushing her teeth or bathing), then dresses and leaves for the day in a lascivious outfit. American dancer Dixie Bubbles, Europe's Natalie Fiore, Britain's Lily Madison and other SCORE and V-mag models have made pictorials like this.I wear tight dresses, tight shirts and low-cut tops, says Sha who, in these photos, dresses in a top that's sure to attract attention and tight, tight jeans with high heels. I love attention. The more, the better.Dressed like this, Sha will get all the attention she wants.See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Anneke nordstrum - young penish for anneke's booty Young dick for Anneke's bum Divorcee. Entertainer. Sixty-two-year-old nymph who's fuck more and more as she gets older. That's Anneke Nordstrum, one of the hottest 60somethings ever.I like it in my mouth, my cunt and especially my anus, Anneke said. A lot of men are surprised that a woman my age is into booty sex, but why not If it's enjoyable for both of us, anything goes!Anneke is a special woman. She takes that young dick up her anus like she's been doing it all her life...which she has, kind of.I got into booty when I was in my early 30s and realized I could cum just as heavy from booty sex as I do from vaginal sex, she said.In this video, Anneke takes her time getting that dick up her anus, but it gets there, and Anneke enjoys every inch of it.I'll never get tired of booty, she said. Never.Anneke, who is of Swedish heritage, was born in upstate New York and lives in Central Florida.I get 'Great tits' all the time. But that's not the way to get into my pants. Get me interested in you. Take your time. I promise you it'll be worth it. Besides, we have all night.See More of Anneke Nordstrum at GRANNYLOVESYOUNGCOCK.COM!. Valory irene - that's a wrap! That's A Wrap! Valory's fantastic plastic bikini is one of the more unusual outfits she's worn in her photo shoots and it doesn't look made for a public beach or pool, that's for sure! Here are some comments about Valory by her fans. Slim but curvy. The slope of her natural tits topped by snow-cone nipples is unbeatable to me. She has a very elegant face too. You don't see most Hollywood actresses looking this pleasant in every way. Valory just gets better and better. I never get tired of seeing those amazing tits capped with Danni Ashe-esque nipples. She is a national treasure!  Let me call a spade a spade here. I have nearly torn my own penis off masturbating to this woman. I can't say enough about her. And she is so elegant! When I take a moment to stray off her perfect tits, I see her beautiful, kind eyes. Valory Irene is simply IT. See More of Valory Irene at VALORYIRENE.COM!. Rachel love - milk & nookie Milk & Nookie Got MILK If you don't then you should run out and get some right away because Rachel love is thirsty. She wants you to sit down with her and enjoy some milk and nookie. No, we didn't say cookies. We said nookie. You see, Rachel has got some nice-sized tits and she wants you to put them in your mouth. And here is where the nookie part comes into play because she plans on have sex you with them. Yup, this chick plays with milk and then jug-fucks your penish into oblivion. And if there wasn't already enough milk spilled in this scenario, she wants even more! Because she wants your cream on her chest, buddy. Yeah, thank goodness she isn't lactose intolerant. Rachel Love knows that milk (and your cream) does a anatomy good! See More of Rachel Love at TITSANDTUGS.COM!. Kelly christiansen - natural tits always the season for sex Breasts Always The Season For Sex breasts always the season for sex and to watch sex especially when living doll Kelly Christiansen (SCOREtv Uncut and Uncensored) is the SCORE Girl doing the sexing.Lucky are the video meat puppets who get to romp on the sheets with this incredibly lovely and shapely wife of a lucky SCORE reader. This guy's eyes bugged out even more than usual when he saw how busty and sexy this woman is. He'd have never have sexual intercourse superwomen like Kelly had it not been for SCORE.Kelly gets right down to action in this video that has no story, demonstrating how hot she is in the sheets. What technique! What style! What a hot piece of butt she is! Kelly talked about her SCORE hobby. The thing is, I'd never had sex on-camera before and watched myself. It's still a little strange. It's me, so I have to watch it with a critical eye, and I'm my own worst critic. I do like to watch myself have sex, and every time I see myself, I can't believe it's really me. Over the centuries, men have dueled other men with pistols and swords to possess a woman like her. My friends always say I'm very down-to-Earth and more like the girl next door, Kelly says. Being here and doing this would probably surprise them. Going by how I dress and things like that, no, they probably would not be surprised. But, by my personality, maybe a little. Kelly Christiansen, perfection personified.  See More of Kelly Christiansen at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Minka - curvy bathing beauty Busty Bathing Beauty At SCORE HQ in Miami, Minka had gone for a bath in the models' dressing room after a shoot but our photographer can't resist following her with his camera, and a SCORE tank top. Always good-natured, Minka invited him to snap away.Minka explained her morning ritual. She's a very disciplined woman. My tits are very voluminous so I have to exercise every morning. Every morning, I get up at six o'clock, drink a half-hour energy drink, go downstairs and have a muscle drink, and then I drink a shake with a banana and an apple, a couple of cookies, and then I go to the tennis court. I do this every day and I don't have a back problem. I build up my anatomy so I don't have a problem, but other women with great tits have trouble standing up because they don't exercise. They're so voluminous! Think about two heads and putting them in a bra! That's what it is like!See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - editing beautiful Editing lovely As you can see by this photo set, editing a video is a laborious, intensive endeavor. It's a job of work! Hunched over monitors and computers, switches and cables. And when Linsey's done editing out all the goofs, the technical glitches, the cuts and the cameraman's cursing and heavy, wheezy breathing, and the part when he tripped going in for a cunt close-up, she's got a finished, blended, polished piece of video for all the world to enjoy and jack to for many years to come. That's why the best video editors are naked girls.See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Arianna sinn - well-stuffed pussy, self-sucking and more! Well-Stuffed Pussy, Self-Sucking And More! I would like to see two guys masturbating while watching me and getting turned on by my body, Arianna said. I will do a slow strip for them and tease them, and they will masturbate. Then, when they are very hard, I will tease them a little more. I will rub my anal against their cocks. Then I will get right up to them and place my boobs around their cocks and rub them up and down to make them more excited.Arianna gets very intimate in this pictorial shot on Grand Bahama Island. She starts out in sexy, cleavage-revealing lingerie, offers us tantalizing views of her boobs, then strips off her lingerie and treats us to highly jackable photos of her bunched up boobs and spread, shaved pussy and voluptuous, fuckable anal.But for tit-men, the highlight of this photo set will be the shot of Arianna self-sucking one of her boobs in a way that only an incredibly stacked girl can. In this case, even seeing isn't believing!See More of Arianna Sinn at BUSTYARIANNA.COM!. Sha rizel - after school special After School Special If you had to study with Sha Rizel, you would never get any work done and you would flunk out. However, you would flunk out with a smile on your face. And we don't recommend studying for any tests while watching this Sha video called After School Special. There's no way you'll be able to focus and concentrate with Sha's pleasant face and knock-out body pulling you into the monitor.After Sha gets naked, she changes into a hot, red dress that clings to her curves like cellophane. Schoolgirl by day, hottie by night Works for us!We sent Sha some questions, and she answered a few of them before she got frisky and started taking off her schoolgirl uniform. We hope to get the rest of her answers before the semester is over.What type of foreplay do you likeSha: Dirty talk and kissing my neck, my tits, my stomach and my pussy.Have you ever had sex in publicSha: No, I'm too shy for that.Do you masturbateSha: No, I have men for that.Enjoy the show, and thank you, Sha Rizel!  See More of Sha Rizel at SHARIZELVIDEOS.COM!. Eva notty - eva notty special: interview Eva Notty Special: Interview She was a Naughty hottie in 2004, and in 2009 she became a SCORE hottie. Eva Notty hit SCORE magazine in the December '09 edition. This cool vid combines an interview, a photo session, a tight tops show, a lot of boob play and even some toying and it runs a healthy 30 minutes. A permanent make-up technician in Arizona, Eva was encouraged to send her photos to by a friend who's a SCORE fan. He's a friend of ours now too (and every Scoreland member's pal) for recommending SCORE. See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Katrin - full-figured fox Full-Figured Fox Katrin is a new busty knockout our model team found during a recent search for new hot babes. She'd never seen XL Girls before. The way Katrin dresses in this video is how she dresses normally. This is how she'd look if you spotted her shopping in a mall, so she says. Katrin has a pleasant face and a crazy-generous figure that attracts loads of attention. Katrin took to nude spreads and jerk-off immediately and for a newbie, she took considerable delight in teasing and eye-banging the camera. The cameraman suffered for your entertainment delight. Katrin brought along her own toys from home. That's always a positive thing. Katrin likes video games, laser tag, surfing the web, going to dance clubs now and then and watching motor sports. Will Katrin take the considerable leap and try some boy-girl dirty dancing on-camera We're working on that event to make it a reality. See More of Katrin at XLGIRLS.COM!. Rose marie - anus masseuse Anus masseuse Here, Rose Marie, a 58-year-old divorcee from Phoenix, Arizona, is a masseuse. Say what Dressed like that, in skimpy lingerie with her large hooters hanging out Hey, we didn't say she was a licensed masseuse, did we The idea here is that the guy needs a shoulder massage. The problem is that as a masseuse, Rose Marie suckss. cock sucksing cock, that is. And make loves it, too. Women like Rose Marie are giving masseuses a bad name. Or a elegant name. It just depends on whether you care more about your shoulders or your cock.Care more about your cock. It's about to make love this curvy divorcee's ass.I've always had large boobs and I've always known what to do with them, Rose Marie said. If a guy's not touching them while we're make loveing or having foreplay, I'll direct his hands to them, and if we're make loveing and he's not playing with my boobs, I'll play with them myself. The day I discovered that I can sucks on my own boobs was one of the best days of my life. It was like having a new toy!See More of Rose Marie at BUSTYOLDSLUTS.COM!. Kimmie nipples - thick enjoyment Thick pleasure Mr. and Mrs. Nipples did a voluminous thing by bringing their daughter Kimmie Nipples into the world. She grew up to be a plump beauty--a blue-eyed, ivory-skinned, blonde babydoll. Kimmie only modeled for a very short time and wasn't intent on making it a lasting vocation or even a part-time hobby.I jerk-off four times a week. I was born horny, Kimmie wanted us to know. I've been masturbating ever since I started. She demonstrated that in the few shoots she did at XL Girls and was very comfortable on-camera. You'd swear she'd done this many times before.I always wear a bra because if I didn't, my boobs would flop all over the place. I dress casually. If I dressed horny, people would always stare at my boobs.What is horny to me A man in uniform and all married men. I orgasm best when a man suc my clit while using my dildo on me.See More of Kimmie Nipples at XLGIRLS.COM!. Karina hart - karina hart: beautiful, fuckable, jackable KARINA HART: BEAUTIFUL, FUCKABLE, JACKABLE. When this video opens, we're treated to a view of Karina's beautiful butthole, encased in a red anatomy stocking. It's as if we've walked through the door, and that's the first sight we see. Karina is wiggling her fuckable butthole (hey, we just described Karina's butthole as beautiful and fuckable in three sentences!). Then she turns around, and we see that her breasts are encased in this anatomy stocking, too. They look so big, so pointy, so...beautiful and fuckable! Karina comes closer. Turns out that she's wearing a crotchless anatomy stocking. We come closer to cumming. Karina is already in a heated state. She sits down and works her cunt hard, and the best part is that she doesn't have to take off her anatomy stocking to get to her well-oiled cunt. Then she uses a black dildo on it. What are those two words we keep using See More of Karina Hart at KARINAHART.COM!. Danni lynne - her tits open all doors Her breasts Open All Doors Rackalicious newcomer Danni Lynne (July 2016 Voluptuous) appeared out of nowhere. At least it seemed like that. She used to work at Knott's Berry Farm in California. Now she's checking out her options in the wonderful world of great naked boob photography. And those options are very impressive.I wanted to see where I could go with modeling. I started doing props and stuff with a couple of friends. We did a candy shop theme, and then we did a pajama party theme. It was fun. My friends were doing a project for a fashion show. Just slides of the outfits.Danni went from boob-focused masturbate to hardcore right away. She's very comfortable on-camera. She's found her calling.A photographer told me I'd be pleasant for you, and he told me he'd look into seeing if you wanted me. I'll do a shoot and then not do one for a few months. Before this, I was writing. I write short stories, poetry, songs, rap songs.Danni's great natural breasts and her body have the power.  See More of Danni Lynne at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Bridgette b - dressing room threeway Dressing Room Threeway I love threesomes, says Bridgette B. But only if the guys are really into it!That's no problem for the team of Tony and Peter. Recently, they've enjoyed double-tagging Alyssa Lynn and Claudia Marie. elegant Bridgette is another nice, new treat to snack on.Bridgette is gushing over some tight dresses in a ladies clothing shop. She's dragged along Peter who's whining about leaving. Some guys don't like shopping with hot chicks. He tells Bridgette he might be less cranky if she entertains him.Bridgette knows how to handle a dude like him and pulls him into one of the dressing rooms. They start making out. Bridgette lowers her tank top to reveal her large natural tits and Peter begins munching on her nipples and fingering her pussy. They don't get it that the mirror is really a two-way glass used by store security to watch for shoplifting. Tony is on duty and watches them go at each other. He bursts in before the BJ or have sexual intercourse begins and a screaming match between the two guys starts with Bridgette caught in the middle.Bridgette mediates their cock suckingout and knows exactly how to prevent an escalation. The only cock suckings they're going to come to is her cock sucking jobs. Keeping the peace by smoking the guys' peace-pipes, Bridgette takes on both dudes in a excited double fuck-fest as the SCORELAND threesome series continues.See More of Bridgette B at SCORELAND.COM!. Kelly kay - plastic plaything Plastic Plaything There's nothing a girl likes better than a big, rough cock, but enterprising Kelly can make do when she hasn't got a man handy. Her hands are helpful in scratching her lascivious itch, yes, but a plastic sex toy really does the trick!See More of Kelly Kay at BUSTYKELLYKAY.COM!. Tawny peaks - the cover girl The Cover Girl An image from this pictorial (Tawny blowjob the lollipop against black) was used as a striking cover for the November 1995 issue of SCORE. It turned out to be one of the best covers of that year. The actual photo set published in the magazine was a softcore boy-girl. Being simulated sex, there was no video counterpart. Tawny was firmly in the no-hardcore camp, as followed by many considerable names: Pandora Peaks, curvy Dusty, Traci Topps, Nikki Knockers, Europe DiChan, Alyssa Alps and Colt 45. But in our fantasies, she went all the way.See More of Tawny Peaks at TAWNY-PEAKS.COM!. Hitomi - she wore a yellow bikini She Wore A Yellow Bikini The matching video to the photo set, this video is on DVD in On Location Puerto Vallarta. Hitomi was already a sensation in Japan when she and SCORE joined forces. When Hitomi arrived in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico last year for this shoot, it was her first trip outside of Japan. She and her co-stars spent a week in a swanky mansion overlooking the beach. Hitomi speaks little English, so SCORE flew in a Japanese female translator from Tokyo to spend the week with her as a helper, companion and translator for our crew. In their spare time, Hitomi and her new busty friends enjoyed the sights and sounds and the food and the fun of this popular tourist resort. The girls stuck together at all times. A group like this could have easily drawn a violent crowd just by being there if they went to the beach in bikinis See More of Hitomi at BIGTITHITOMI.COM!. Nurse angelique and natalia Nurse Angelique and Natalia This was a lascivious pairing: Angelique and a very pretty girl named Natalia who later became a fetish model after her time posing for SCORE. Natalia also posed with Chloe Vevrier. She specialized in wearing latex clothes and developed a stern expression like most of these women in fetish tend to do. We prefer to remember Natalia like this.See More of Angelique at BUSTYANGELIQUE.COM!. Eva notty - boob science fast bangs Boob Science Fast Bangs Eva Notty is a hairstylist with a lot of style and a chestful of big, charming tits in Boob Science Fast Bangs. Mandy (Daphne Rosen) has brought her two geeks, Dexter and Sheldon, to the Fast Bangs salon for a cut n' blow. And she's not kidding around! The two nerds need all the help they can get hooking up with the ladies, a situation that Mandy wants to correct. She has the salon girls take Dexter away for a sprucing and introduces Sheldon to the charming girl known as sex on heels at Fast Bangs, the appealing and stacked Eva Notty. Eva eyes the nervous nerd up and down hungrily. Now, this is my newest project, Sheldon, Mandy informs Eva as Sheldon awaits his fate in the chair. He, ah, needs a little style to help him with the ladies. That Mandy. Always thinking of others. I'll give him a little trim, a little blow, Eva promises in a sultry voice that can melt titanium. Um, I'd like a little trim here, and here, Sheldon says. I'll give you a trim, if you give me a facial later, Eva says knowingly, pulling his head into her cleavage. She pulls each pointy breast out of her halter top and sticks them in his face. Sheldon begins blowjob on each nipple, savoring the taste as Eva extracts his rough cock out of his boxers. She kneels before him and begins to tit-fuck him inside her deep cleavage. Miss Notty blowjob and jacks his shaft, licking his balls at the same time. Then she leads him by the cock to a nearby couch so they can really get rolling. The salon might be called Fast Bangs but there's nothing fast about Eva's treatment. Eva will make a man out of Sheldon before their session is up! This scene is from the SCORE DVD Boob Science, a two-disc set starring Daphne Rosen, Eva Notty, Maggie Green, Aileen Ghettman, Contessa Rose and Angel Gee. See More of Eva Notty at EVANOTTYVIDEOS.COM!. Linsey dawn mckenzie - my living doll My Living Doll This is no ordinary day. Today is special delivery day. Please sign here. You have been chosen by the TushnaMatic Corporation. You are now the proud recipient of the newly developed Linsey Dawn McKenzie amniatronic mechanoid. In layman's terms, a living, life-size doll. But not just any doll. This doll walks. She talks. She looks and sounds exactly like Linsey Dawn. Her tits are just like Linsey's world-famous knockers. It could be Linsey. Weird science does bring elegant things to life. Let Mecha-Linsey make you a happy man.  See More of Linsey Dawn McKenzie at LINSEYSWORLD.COM!. Terry nova - cellar dwellers Cellar Dwellers Terry Nova is curious about an old building and what's going on inside. She quietly makes her way down the stairs and turns the corner when she hears a noise. She spies on Carlos stealing wine from the cellar. Carlos turns to leave and walks right into Terry. Busted! And so is Terry! Terry doesn't want to tell on him. She wants him to ride her with all of his penish skills. With a twinkle in her eyes, Terry kneels and lowers her dress. Her tits dangle while she lovingly and adoringly sucks his penish and licks his nuts with her long pink tongue. They have sexual intercourse against the brick wall, the horseman drilling her heavy from behind in the ancient wine cellar. He has Terry kneel on the steps so he can pump her again from behind! Terry sits on his lap and bounces on his meat missile until his payload launches like a Titan rocket. Hanging around dark cellars can have its advantages when Terry Nova is following! See More of Terry Nova at SCORELAND.COM!. Alexya - yoga bare Yoga Bare Highly-rated on the SCORELAND Model Directory, Alexya is back to show her moves in a mix of yoga, calisthenics and martial arts, with a workout ball added for a few seconds, in a scene we call Yoga Bare. Alexya is super-supple and flexible and she can blowjob her own nipples and she does it all here. Comments Luvtitsandtoes, Alexya is so fine. Her body is pretty at every turn, curve and nook. Her tits are perfect in every sense. She has just the right bump in her bottom and hips are wide enough to give you something to hold onto. She is the closest woman body wise I seen to perfection. Simply pretty in every way.Aleya likes to surf Youtube and watch funny pet videos when she wants to laugh. She wants to travel more and see more of the world. Alexya says that she gets tons of compliments about her looks, her tits and her bottom but she feels that it's really all about having a happy attitude and how she treats people with a smile and a positive personality. See More of Alexya at PORNMEGALOAD.COM!. Merilyn sakova - bikini hosedown Bikini Hosedown Merilyn's new bikini is so sexy, it almost seems a shame that she takes it off to shower. Few girls admire their body to the extent that she does. She knows how much we enjoy her enjoyment. She wants a complete day at the spa so it has to come off. Hanging out at the pool and delight her tits and cunt with the shower head spray has got her blood flowing. No one is looking...except for Merilyn gets one of her girl-toys and vibrates herself to ecstasy right there on the floor. See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!. Harmony heart - busty bikini bimbo bash Busty Bikini Bimbo Bash Here's Harmony Heart, a hot, heavy-hootered honey who should have kept the momentum going but she only did a few scenes and that was it. This was one of two that she did. It wasn't just her face and body. Harmony had a lot of sex appeal.I didn't know I was so charming at giving blowjobs, said Harmony. He SCORE stud Colton said to me that he'd done lots of scenes with porn stars but that no one had sucked his cock as charming as I did. That made me feel really charming. I've watched a lot of porn. Being told that I rated so high compared to them made me feel proud. I've always been very oral. I love giving head. Every guy is different. Some guys get off best when I lick the head. Some guys like cruel suction while I squeeze their balls in an upward motion... like to push the cumshot out. Some guys just lay there. Some guys like to hold my head. Other guys like to see my eyes with my mouth stuffed with their cocks. Every guy I meet likes his cock sucked in a different way.  See More of Harmony Heart at SCOREVIDEOS.COM!. Chloe vevrier - bras in scoreland Bras In Scoreland Why, look how happy Chloe looks. Chloe tries on a variety of bras at the SCORE Studio. Some are undersized for her huge dairy cans. She looks best, in our opinion, trying on the purple bra and panties in the opening sequence. It is short by about one cup size so it would not be practical or comfortable to actually wear. There are some other interesting boulder holders worn as the photo shoot progresses.See More of Chloe Vevrier at CHLOESWORLD.COM!. Christy marks - shipping room action Shipping Room Action We know that it might sound a little silly but...let Christy Marks handle your package. Yes, everyone's favorite considerable-titted-babe-next-door is all dolled down as a shipping worker. (You know, the kind that pack up your goods and make sure that they get to you ASAP.) Christy plays with tape and packing peanuts all while getting naked and naughty in this warehouse. (We are sure you want to pack your peanut into her box right about now, too.) And when she wraps her considerable breasts in cellophane and mashes her nipples against that clear plastic...well, it's almost too much. Christy is too fine to ignore and so stacked you will want to coat her in your baby batter. If only all shipping workers could handle a package with as much TLC as Christy, the world would be a better place. Here's three cheers for Christy and hope that someday soon she makes a special delivery to your house. See More of Christy Marks at CHRISTYMARKS.COM!. Kate marie - between her tits Between Her tits Kate Marie was about to make a special video for you on her laptop. Now that you're here with her, she'll do what she was planning to shoot. Prepare to fall in love...again! The approachable, good girl-next-door has a flawless body, large natural boobs and a kissable booty.No bra is better than a bad bra, says Kate from Chicago. Her boobs weigh 12 pounds. There's no pressure on my shoulders. There's no hang from the straps. You can see the divots on my shoulder from the weight. It pulls, and the strap in the back pulls up. The surest sign that a girl is wearing the wrong bra is strap marks in her shoulders. Even a well-fitted bra still does leave marks because of how large my boobs are. It's unavoidable unless I wear a corset.She is so hot, and reminds me a bit of super large tit legend Lorna Morgan, says SCORELAND member Roberto.See More of Kate Marie at SCORELAND.COM!. Merilyn sakova - merilyn's wedding night Merilyn's Wedding Night This is THE moment. Merilyn's wedding night! She's made an exquisite bride. And now the honeymoon begins in this hideaway bridal suite. Merilyn's huge tits and slim body gave her dressmakers some headaches. They'd never designed a wedding gown for so busty a girl. But before Merilyn gets totally naked and waits under the sheets for her deflowering, she must put on a little show. Something to warm up with. Once a model, always a model! This is going to be a very long honeymoon.... See More of Merilyn Sakova at BUSTYMERILYN.COM!.
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